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Persian cat makes a poor animal astronaut — 11 Comments

  1. The trouble with the idea of sending a real Persian cat native to Persia into space, is that there are none and never were. That is why they are using this imported European type. How could a steaming hot place like Persia give rise to a cat whose morphology and fur type and length are obviously the result of adapting to very cold conditions. Much further north in Turkey and the Caucasus Mountains is where such a cat may develop. Anyway that’s beside the point. Anything they claim to need to learn from this is already known. It’s a publicity stunt designed to appeal to the “ignorant” masses, or so they think. When the news gets out that the cat was actually developed in Britain someone will have egg all over his face. A modern Persian is the most unsuitable candidate for this. Poor cat.

    • Western Iran and Eastern Turkey have cold winters. But the original Persian cats didn’t have the sort of crazy fur length of the modern Persians. It was just a bit longer than normal, I suppose. As you say it is a pure publicity stunt.

  2. How awful this is, and I see it’s quite true as Animal Aid are now trying to stop it happening, why send a cat, why send any animal, it’s all been done before many years ago and humans have been into space many times so why go back to sending innocent animals. What would happen, how long would a cat be in space, how would it eat and drink, how would it go to the toilet? It has to be a huge stress on any animal and if it is lucky enough to get back to Earth what then? Cut up and analysed? Horrible, horrible people!

  3. Here is my “Traditional Persian Cat” Matahari demonstrating the tact of hiding in confined spaces. Here she is hiding in a shopping bag that was left on the table.She could be a good astronaut for any country!

  4. The present day “Ultra-Faced Persian ” cat is just a name to the original “Traditional Persian cats” of Iran, having no link to the Country but for the name “PERSIAN”. Its akin to the “Bombay cat” named after Bombay(Mumbai) city but having no connection to the city and same with the “Bengal Cat”.All present day cats have evolved by specific breeding by breeders catering to the cat fancy clubs of the West which is Europe and America.Today the “Traditional Persian cat” which originated in Persia(Iran) is no longer recognized as the “PERSIAN CAT”, its place taken by the “Ultra-Faced(Flat faced) Persian” as shown in the photo.If Iran intends a publicity coup then they should send a “Traditional Persian Cat” to space which originally had its origins in that country and not a “Ultra-Faced Persian” which is a creation of the West cat breeders!

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