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Philippines Traditional Persian Tortoiseshell Cat — 8 Comments

  1. Gorgeous Persian & coloring is truly amazing, not a random bred cat at all.
    A real diva, a gem to behold, precious! Enjoy many years with her, please make her (if she’s not yet) an inside cat.
    Southeast Arizona (USA)

  2. Wow she really is pretty and her nose is not so over the top stubby, but just nice the way it is. She still has a normal profile and it doesn’t look at all unhealthy. If I had a Persian this would be the kind I would want. She really is lovely looking – very nice all around.

  3. Michael,

    Penelope is beautiful – love the smoke effect on her coat.

    She has lots of colors and if she had a large litter, her kittens would probably come in quite the assortment of colors and patterns.

    She looks at least part Persian. I don’t know enough about the breed to assert a percentage amount.

    Think her face is pug enough?

    Thanx for the beautiful pictures.

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

  4. Excellent colouration, especially the face and Penelope is definitely a “Traditional Persian Cat” without a pedigree certificate, akin to all Persian cats in India. So , even in the Philippines there seems to be no registered Cat club akin to India.Just happened to see the James Bond movie “From Russia with Love” and have been surprised of the popularity of the Traditional Persian cat in the Film franchisee. The criminal organization “Spectre” always portrays its villain petting a Traditional Persian cat in most earlier James.Bond Movies.What surprises me most is the quiet, very docile Traditional Persian Cat being always portrayed as the villains companion pet, definitely not a Pit-Bull terrier of the Cat world in terms of ferocity and temperament.

    • Definitely the diva – good observation. I hope you agree, Dan, that she looks like a purebred. You don’t get that sort of coat length and overall appearance randomly.

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