Photos of Pretty Cats

Pretty Maine Coon
Pretty Maine Coon — Photo: copyright Helmi Flick
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Let’s see your pretty cat, please.  You can upload a picture here.

All cats are equal but some cats, from a human perspective, are prettier than others. I think we know what a pretty cat looks like. I don’t think I need to explain or describe the features. I chose the Helmi photo above as an example. “Pretty cats” is a human concept. We should not forget it.

What makes a cat pretty? For me it is in the face. Certain facial features = pretty for me and it usual means a girly appearance. For other people it is about the whole cat including the coat. A really nice calico coat is pretty for example. An all white coat can also be pretty. Black is harder to be pretty but a black cat with a pretty face is pretty in my opinion.

Can you recognise a female cat? Can you differentiate between a male and female cat? Generally, I can. Or, I believe I can but the difference is not always clear cut. Most pretty cats will be female cats.

Some female cats have “pretty” written all over their face.

If you know of a pretty cat or live with a pretty cat, please upload a picture in a comment. You can see the upload button just below the comment box.

17 thoughts on “Photos of Pretty Cats”

  1. I’m sure that’s the way they see it. Any way is a good way so long as it’s not the truth.
    Notice the weird TukV4 at the top of the tree with 4 branches without any explanation. This must consist of the type A Van of the cat fancy with European origins, the other 3 are my samples. One branch is the Ankara Zoo type Angora, the other 2 the same, but wrongly identified as a mix of European and American breeds which are not found in Turkey or Cyprus. They are obviously a laboratory mix up with the American Turkish Van. They were reported as identical to Ankara Zoo cats in the later 2012 Study, except for one which had mysteriously morphed into a pure-bred fake Angora despite his kitten being 88.76% Ankara Zoo and grandmother coming from the Zoo. With this kind of UC Davis science we can change lead into gold and donkeys into flying elephants.

  2. Hi Michael. Where they put their foot in it is with their own description of natural breeds stating where they originated and must prove so in order to be registered. Concoctions and out-crossing hardly matter with made-up breeds, but Vans and Angoras are not made-up breeds. However in reality they are the result of massive out-crossing which violates their own prohibition on that. To get over this little problem their good friend Leslie Lyons cooks up a large number of Turkish street cats for the 2012 Turkish Cat Genetics Study which conveniently show identical markers to the cat fancy Vans and Angoras. The tricky part is explaining why these same samples were shown in the 2007″Rise of Cat Breeds” as being UNRELATED to cat fancy Vans and Angoras. Her own phylogenetic tree in the Tufts Canine and Feline Conference shows they are related to American and British breeds, not to Turkish random-bred cats. She doesn’t have even enough brains to make up a good story that stands up to scrutiny.

    • To summarize: the American cat fancy screwed up big time but from their perspective they “refined” the breed and did wonderful work. I don’t think the cat fancy are really concerned with the finer points of origins, history, genetics and the purity of a cat breed. They are normally more interested in doing what suits them.


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