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For non-regular visitors, Cardie is a cat that I am looking after while her very elderly female caretaker is in hospital after a fall. Cardie is very thin and small. She weighs 6 pounds (about 2.8 kgs). She has a poor appetite. She is currently staying at my home as I can monitor her better, especially feed her with very tasty food etc.

I took her to the vet and he diagnosed cancer of the colon/intestine and said it may have spread. I have learnt that she started to lose weight about 5 weeks ago. I also know that stray cats were entering the home of Cardie and her caretaker.

Cardie is doing fine. She sleeps well, eats a bit, has gone to the toilet and has played today. She is kept apart from my cat Charlie. Thank you for the interest in Cardie and your support. You can read some comments about her here.

Regular visitors might like to see her. Here is a picture I have just taken:

Cardie 28th December 2012
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I’ll keep you posted.

Update: Here is another picture taken with flash:

Cardie a tabby female cat

Important note: I have a little bit of a problem publishing this picture. I have criticized people for exploiting the cat in videos etc.. I want to make it clear the reason for this page is to show concerned people a picture of Cardie. This page has advertising on it (automatically generated) but will probably make a very small amount of money i.e. $5 over a long time, as a guess. I’ll be donating ten times that to Kays Hill Sanctuary over the New Year. This is an animal sanctuary supported by Ruth and Babz in the north of England.

If people think I have done wrong in publishing this picture today I will remove the page. Just tell me straight if I am right or wrong.

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  1. The time has come to take her to the vet for euthanasia. It is heartbreaking. We are going tomorrow at midday. Cardi is showing signs of giving up. Eating less (not at all at the moment), losing more weight, static, crouched position, head held low, passive, sleeping a lot or dozing in static crouched position etc.. I saw all these with Binnie. I know it is time. I even think she might not last the night. But she probably will.

  2. A wise decision to get a second opinion Michael, it will put your mind at rest that you are doing right by Cardi if the other vet confirms the cancer is spreading and you have to decide to set her free.
    The strange gurgle purr may be fluid on her lungs if her organs are closing down.
    You must be dreading tomorrow!
    She may of course choose to slip quietly away tonight, I hope so for all your sakes.

    • Thanks Ruth, I feel this is a good decision because it will provide the best information together with the advice of another vet. That’s the maximum we can do. It sort of makes me less stressed. However, I think tomorrow will be her last day. We’ll see.

  3. This is an update at 11th Jan 2:15 pm. I have decided to take her to the vet tomorrow (09:30 GMT). I have booked in to see the other vet in this two vet practice. She is very good (as is her partner).

    The purpose is to get a second opinion because we have a big decision to make. I totally trust the vet we have seen. He is superb but I need a “belt and braces” assessment.

    Cardie has a strange gurgle-purr. She may have something in her throat. This may or may not be significant.

    It may be the spread of the cancer in her intestine. No idea. We need some answers so we have the information to make the big decision.

    It just may be that a different diagnosis can be made. I need to tick that box before deciding.

    • I will assess her this morning and take it from there. It is the gradual weight loss that is the key. But as I said she does eat but it seems not to be enough to sustain her long term.

  4. So sad for you but it sounds like you know now she has had enough,I’ll be thinking of you all, please let us know, when you can bear to write about it.

      • Thinking of you and Cardi. Decisions like this are the hardest to make. And there is no one to tell you that you are right. Just know that the thoughtfulness and love towards Cardi you have shown and the angst you all feel and we feel with you, there are no wrong decisions. If it is tomorrow, sweet safe travels to all.

    • Ruth, It is more agony really. Phew. Cardi is eating poorly. She eats Hills a/d which is a very palatable paste-type cat food – expensive but high quality. But she does not eat much. She has good and bad moments. She is losing weight slowly. We are discussing euthanasia. We might take her to the vet tomorrow. If we do that, it will be the day. I believe the time is close when she should be released from this life. Thanks for asking.


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