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  3. The time has come to take her to the vet for euthanasia. It is heartbreaking. We are going tomorrow at midday. Cardi is showing signs of giving up. Eating less (not at all at the moment), losing more weight, static, crouched position, head held low, passive, sleeping a lot or dozing in static crouched position etc.. I saw all these with Binnie. I know it is time. I even think she might not last the night. But she probably will.

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  6. A wise decision to get a second opinion Michael, it will put your mind at rest that you are doing right by Cardi if the other vet confirms the cancer is spreading and you have to decide to set her free.
    The strange gurgle purr may be fluid on her lungs if her organs are closing down.
    You must be dreading tomorrow!
    She may of course choose to slip quietly away tonight, I hope so for all your sakes.

    • Thanks Ruth, I feel this is a good decision because it will provide the best information together with the advice of another vet. That’s the maximum we can do. It sort of makes me less stressed. However, I think tomorrow will be her last day. We’ll see.

  7. This is an update at 11th Jan 2:15 pm. I have decided to take her to the vet tomorrow (09:30 GMT). I have booked in to see the other vet in this two vet practice. She is very good (as is her partner).

    The purpose is to get a second opinion because we have a big decision to make. I totally trust the vet we have seen. He is superb but I need a “belt and braces” assessment.

    Cardie has a strange gurgle-purr. She may have something in her throat. This may or may not be significant.

    It may be the spread of the cancer in her intestine. No idea. We need some answers so we have the information to make the big decision.

    It just may be that a different diagnosis can be made. I need to tick that box before deciding.

    • I will assess her this morning and take it from there. It is the gradual weight loss that is the key. But as I said she does eat but it seems not to be enough to sustain her long term.

  8. So sad for you but it sounds like you know now she has had enough,I’ll be thinking of you all, please let us know, when you can bear to write about it.

      • Thinking of you and Cardi. Decisions like this are the hardest to make. And there is no one to tell you that you are right. Just know that the thoughtfulness and love towards Cardi you have shown and the angst you all feel and we feel with you, there are no wrong decisions. If it is tomorrow, sweet safe travels to all.

    • Ruth, It is more agony really. Phew. Cardi is eating poorly. She eats Hills a/d which is a very palatable paste-type cat food – expensive but high quality. But she does not eat much. She has good and bad moments. She is losing weight slowly. We are discussing euthanasia. We might take her to the vet tomorrow. If we do that, it will be the day. I believe the time is close when she should be released from this life. Thanks for asking.

  9. Cats are amazing! She looked as if she was on her way out the other day but she’s risen like Lazarus!Maybe she will have bad days and good days, I hope she has many more good ones.

    • Thanks Ruth. It is great news but if the vet’s diagnosis is right it will be a general decline. At the moment she is OK but still very skinny. We take it day by day. She is looks to be content.

  10. Here is another update. She had a good day. Ate, played and was more active. Here she is playing:

    I am watching her. She has a right to live. If she indicates discomfort or pain and stops eating I’ll have to take her to the vet. I am just playing it day by day. She is content. She has, at least, temporarily picked up which is very pleasing to see. I had real fears about her over the past 2 days .

    • Oh my! Look at Cardi! You have to love cats. They love life. This could be her last hurrah, but she’s playing it well. Fabulous. It really helps you know you are doing the right thing by waiting until you really know the next step, and you will. What a great little sweetheart she is.

  11. I think it may be that Cardi is choosing to end her life as animals prefer to, by stopping eating and switching off from their surroundings.
    In your photo she has turned her back on the world, she wants to rest forever.
    I really hope she goes peacefully in her sleep as our old cat Ebony did when she was very old and ill. She wouldn’t look at food for 2 days and like you we had decided to give her one more day before calling the vet out. Thankfully she had made her own decision.
    The sense of relief and seeing her at peace was comforting to us.
    For all Cardi knows you love her and you have cared for her so well, her own special person isn’t around and I think she senses that they will not be reunited in this world and she is old and ill, so she is choosing to leave it. Heartbreaking for you and your partner but by (hopefully) not having to make the decision yourself you need never ask yourself if you chose the right time.
    Animals are not afraid of dying naturally but if it comes that you have to have Cardi PTS she will appreciate it if you can be there with her now she has come to trust you.
    I feel for you so much I’m in tears.

  12. UPDATE: Not good. It is Sunday 6th Jan 2013. Cardi is very comfortable and content next to a radiator and sleeping in a cat bed.

    However, she has not eaten for two days and not gone to the litter to defecate for two days.

    She purrs when I go to her. She is sweet and I don’t see pain. But she can’t eat. She vomited after her last meal. I give her different and nice food which in the past she ate. She is not eating at the moment.

    I am watching. If she fails to eat for another day (end of Monday 7th Jan 2013) I’ll make a vet’s appointment and if the vet decides enough is enough we will have to say goodbye to her and it will hurt.

    Here is a picture taken right now 1:51 pm GMT London of little Cardi asleep:

    cat dying of cancer

    Above all, she is relaxed and comfortable. I am not sure but I sense she has decided to die.

  13. Poor old lady, no she hasn’t much chance as an NHS patient of coming out of hospital alive!
    I think her mind will be at rest though if she knows Cardi is being cared for so well and she will maybe be glad to RIP.
    I admire you very much Michael for taking Cardi on, not many people would want to do that for an old ill cat knowing heartache is waiting at some point, especially as you have Charlie to think of too but I know you hope she continues eating and going to the toilet for a while yet.

    • Thanks for recognising that Ruth. On the basis that Cardi’s owner will die or can’t continue to look after Cardi and that no one will take on Cardi because she has cancer, we (myself and my partner) have to look after her until her death. Charlie is the complication. The trouble is my partner is not really able, by herself, to look after Cardi. Like I said it is complicated. Cardi will be OK though whatever happens.

    • Hi dw. I am glad you asked. The situation is complicated. Cardi is good. She does not eat much but she eats. I give her new food all the time to stimulate appetite. She likes warmth so I have put her in a nice bed next to the radiator. She uses the litter. She has just defecated. I have never liked the smell of cat poo so much. It is a good indication of normal health. Although she is boney and thin. She sleeps a lot next to the radiator. She does very little and it frightened to come out of her room probably because of Charlie’s presence. I put a hot water bottle next to her last night as the heating is turned off at night. It is not too cold at night here at the moment but some additional warmth is good. Cardi likes heat. So Cardi is OK.

      Her caretaker, the elderly lady of 98 years of age, is not doing well. Personally I don’t see her coming home. In the UK the NHS puts people like her on the “Liverpool Pathway”. In short that means don’t feed her and don’t provide water. You can guess what that leads to. That leaves me with a big question mark over what to do with Cardi in the long term.

      She’ll be OK whatever happens. If she declines and stops eating I’ll take her to the vet and discuss euthanasia. If she eats, goes to the toilet and looks OK, I will continue as is. Cardi gets the same love and care as Charlie but it is not easy and it would be wrong to say otherwise.

      • Thank you for the update Michael. So glad you are continuing to do right by the little girl. Good on you. I know it is hard and a disruption to routine, but I’ll bet you get a few moments of pleasure watching her sleep comfortably.

        Best wishes for an easy transition for both she and her elderly companion. And her new much younger companion, you.

  14. How tragic & demoralizing. My late husband had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)from fighting in War. April 2010 I had power of attorney (Frank didn’t want to he kept alive by machines, I signed orders on 4/14 soon he went into comma & died peacefully 4/16/10.He’s no longer suffering & his family is not watching him suffer. He had developed Urinary Tract Infection that went septic (thruout body).
    We miss him dearly but he’s resting peacefully now.
    At least here in US the family can make the choice.
    Southeast Arizona (USA)

  15. It’s a very sad situation all round and one many people wouldn’t like to be involved in with the poor lady so old and ill and the poor cat old and ill too.At least we can stop an animal’s suffering when cancer gets too painful but the decision is the hardest thing ever to do especially for a person taking care of someone else’s pet.
    Thinking about that dear little cat Cardie and everyone who loves her.

    • Thank you Rose for your support. It is sad. Cardie is OK at the moment. The old lady is in more danger at the moment because in the UK the NHS can decide to slowly kill old people by not giving them water and food. This is well documented.

  16. I think fate decreed you should be the one to care for Cardi in her last days Michael and she is very lucky to have you doing so.
    The awful truth is that she can’t put any weight back on because of the disease she has, you can only keep her comfortable and pain free for so long and if she stops eating it’s a sign she’s had enough of life.
    It’s so very sad.

    • Yes, Ruth, it is sad and sadness can be stressful for the family. I have to admit that it is quite a burden but one I willingly take on. She is eating OK as I said. I know I’ll know when to step in.

  17. I have learned that her full name is probably Bacardi. If that is true her name should be spelled “Cardi” perhaps?

    Doesn’t matter that much I hope. We are still unsure if Cardi’s human carer will ever be able to return to her home. There is an amazing story behind this which would be impolite to tell at the moment.

    Things are quite tense because of the uncertainties over the return of the elderly lady and the uncertainties over Cardi’s health.

    Cardi is OK at the moment. She eats but with a poor appetite and is very underweight still.

  18. She looks like an angel. I seriously doubt regulars would consider this an attempt to earn money. I certainly don’t. It’s sad situation. Keep her warm and show her lot’s of love.

  19. Poor baby. She’s such a beauty. But is was meant to be that a cat expert was meant to care for her during her companions absence. It had to happen for a reason.

    I lost my Maine Coon Tiger the same way. I found the lump and when the vet operated it was wrapped around Tigers intestines and couldn’t be removed. I had him euthanised before he came out of the anesthetic. I never got to say goodbye.

    At least you have a chance to spoil her before she goes. A cat couldn’t ask for any better than you.

    • Thanks Elisa. She is a doll. She is a little unresponsive in some ways though as described. I am happy to say she is eating the best cat food available! Phew 😉 Some of it cost over $3 per can. I love seeing her eat though. And go to the toilet. She is happy in her room and above all feels safe. I want her to feel secure and relaxed. She was hounded by the two stray cats that come over from a big house nearby. These are outdoor cats that are quite aggressive. They come in cat flaps (doors) in the local area and eat other cat’s food. Cardie was constantly looking at the cat flap at her carers. And here she looks at the door a lot. But she is quite relaxed now it seems to me.

      • Michael:
        Thanks for update on Cardie, must admit but I’m a bit confused as to what Cardie looks like.
        First I saw a picture of a very small vulnerable black & white cat; next a picture of a good looking brown tabby, am I the only that noticed this discrepancy or rather difference of 2 cats?
        I’ve read that Cardie has a type of inoperable cancer & its spreading rapidly, tragic. She’s getting lots of TLC in her last days.
        southeast Arizona (USA)

        • Hi keenpetite….The pictures were taken in different ways (different lighting) so they look different. The same cat though 😉 She is brown tabby, probably mackerel pattern. She is still not eating well and does not do much. I am worried about her but she is warm, well feed and loved.

          • Michael:
            Sad about her prognosis but happy she’s loved, well fed & cared by a most special person, Michael.
            My best wishes to you & family along with sweet Cardie.
            Southeast Arizona (USA)

  20. Hi Michael,

    That was very kind of you to take her in and care for her. I’m sure the older woman is very appreciative. I hope it goes well for all of you and wish you all the best.

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

  21. Cardie is lovely, what a beautiful little lady and the photograph of her is exeptionally good with the red background showing her tabby markings off. I don’t see any problem with posting her picture, I think it’s nice that we can see who it is you’re caring for. I’m so sorry she is poorly and I hope she still has some quality time to live with you and that she gets to be reunited with her caretaker in due course. Sadly I think you’re going to come out the other end of this a sadder man again. Your generosity to Kays Hill will be much appreciated I know, thank you very much for being so kind and caring.

    • Thanks Babara. I took photo in near darkness. That sounds weird but it is true. Cardie was on a red duvet and the room was dark. I have a camera that takes many pictures rapidly one after the other and knits them together to make one picture. This builds a picture in very dark light. You get a certain smoothed out quality.

      Cardie is a beautiful tabby cat as you say. Cute is the word that comes to mind. She is loved and that in itself is another problem.

  22. Michael, you are over thinking this. You run a website called “pictures of cats” so of course you are going to publish pictures of many cats, including the ones in your life. People who know you, even just via the Internet, care about you and about the cats in your life. That’s a far cry from pictures of a deformed cat intended to elicit laughs from strangers.
    I hope Cardie’s caretaker will recover. It could take a long time. It could be an incomplete recovery meaning she will not be able to care for Cardie in the future. Both are lucky you are there. Cardie gets good care and her caretaker can focus on healing without stressing about her furry companion.

  23. Thanks for posting the picture Michael. I hoped you would. She’s a little doll. If Charlie is aware she is there, the non threat will allow him to relax long enough to be curious. Then perhaps they can meet.

    What a lucky cat. As sad as it is, the love and care she will get during her little hospice will be good for both of you.

    • She is a doll-like cat. Petite is the human word. I do hope they get on because this might be a long haul. She just hissed at him! I was supervising. Good, really because it shows some fire in the belly. We need to see that. Charlie is fairly relaxed and curious. Time will tell.

  24. Michael, Cardie looks exactly like the cat I ended up spending her last days with. I was going to adopt her and take care of her but she was too far gone and died a week later. She was a frail little tabby who headbutted and purred and had so much love to give. She looked just like Cardie. It’s a long story I’ll tell at some point. Anyway, this is very sad and she is very sweet looking and a pretty girl too. Personally I don’t see the article/picture as being the same as other forms of exploitation but I do see the immediate and very practical similarity. If the ads don’t show on the page the source has been corrupted 🙂

    I hope that Cardie is able to enjoy her remaining time. I hope that it is as long as she wants and needs it to be. I don’t mean to be rude and put her needs first and not consider how long you need it to be although it does make me think of Charlie. However I also believe you put her needs before yours, otherwise I wouldn’t say it like that. Hopefully she will have a happy and relaxing time filled with love and a feeling of security and without pain. And hopefully also she will tell you if she is unhappy or in pain or discomfort that she doesn’t have the will to bear. I have no doubt it will be clear to you. If she gives up you will know it immediately and do what you must. I have seen it before and it is very clear and very sad but it must be and it couldn’t be any better than that either. Good luck to both of you!

    • Thanks for the support Marc. It is intriguing that you went through something similar. If Cardie does well and if we have to look after her for a while, I hope I can get Charlie to accept her. She is very non-threatening. Charlie though is alpha male etc. Anyway I hope for the best. The next hurdle is getting her caretaker back and asking whether she can care for her cat? Both will be ill. C’est la vie.

  25. Cardie is beautiful, I’m glad you posted her photo Michael, it’s nice to see the cat you are caring for with such kindness and love and surely no one can object to that.
    She looks very alert and it’s so sad she has an incurable illness and it’s wonderful you are taking care of her so well.
    12 years ago our brown tabby Bryan had the same disease and we had to have him PTS as he stopped eating and started hiding away so we knew it wasn’t fair to keep him any longer, it still breaks my heart thinking of this and I feel very much for you and your partner and for the old lady too.
    How kind of you to think of Kays Hill, they appreciate every penny they receive as they are overflowing with unwanted animals. Another cat was dumped on them at Christmas, because he made one mess in the house the people he lived with put him outside, two more were found in a wet cardboard box the week before so they had to make room for those 3 more.
    THANK YOU on their behalf.

    • Thanks Ruth. I agree, Cardie is very sweet looking. I have just come back from lunch at a club and Cardie was on the window sill looking out the window. Good sign I think. She is eating quite well too. It is sad though.

      I am hopeful that Charlie will accept her because her caretaker may be a long time coming home. Will she be able to care for Cardie when she comes home? Another difficult question.

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