Pictures of Cats Galore

DW (Dorothy Wandruff) has kindly being scouring the internet again on her iPad (is it the Retina model?) and has come up with some classic and beautiful cat pictures that are, I believe, in the public domain and accordingly are published on this page as thumbnails in the form of a gallery. If you’d like to, you can click on these small images to see large format versions on a new page.

These are the sort of cat pictures that make us like cat pictures. They are the kind that almost anyone would like. It is hard not to.

A person who takes really nice stray cat pictures is MAR. He is Japanese and his photographs are taken in Japan. You can get a feel for his sort of photography on this page: Stray Cat Picture.

Another great cat photographer and one of the best on the internet is Giane Portal. Her Flickr username is ‘fofurasfelinas’. If you are a regular visitor you will probably be familiar with her work. You can see and example on this page.

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