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f1 savannah cat Titan with a small child

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Pictures of Cats org Videos — Titan (see him charming the children) and small child – photo ©Kathrin Stucki.

The top twelve only here (there are 64 at mid Oct 2009) – please scroll down: These come from the broadsurf channel on YouTube. Broadsurf (that’s me, Michael Broad) is a partner at YouTube.

I decided to select my ten favorite videos and put them here, in one place, for easy access.

Of course, as I continue to make videos the list will change.

Tips about making videos:

  • get a HD camcorder as it all going that way. I use a Flip HD (cost me about £140 so not expensive).
  • produce professional titles. Recently I upgraded my videos by commissioning a person to create a title sequence. Why? Because it was cheaper and better that way.
  • don’t rush
  • use simple video making software that you fully understand rather than complex software that you half use.
  • keep it short – people have short attention spans on the internet
  • provide full credits to people who deserve it
  • don’t steal material – meaning use material that is creative commons (copyright licensed) or licensed for use by you
  • aim to become a YouTube partner to get the benefits that come with that such as customised channel and monetization.

My top twelve videos starting with the best at the top (maybe):

See this video in large format plus notes (LF+Notes)
See it on the broadsurf channel
See it on the broadsurf channel
See it on the broadsurf channel
See it on the broadsurf channel
See it on the broadsurf channel

Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

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