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Pictures of Early Siamese Cats — 4 Comments

  1. I recently saw a shelter pic of what they called an ‘Applehead Siamese’ which had wide cheeks rather like a British Shorthair. He had a big head, but he didn’t look like a BSH, they look a bit more like teddy bears 🙂 – he looked like a Siamese with a big apple shaped head and his head was very dark which I believe means he was older.

    • Appleahead Siamese are the opposite end of the spectrum to the modern Siamese. I think the objective of Applehead Siamese breeders is to create a cat that is more cobby than even the original Siamese or it is meant to be a traditional Siamese. But there are so many types of Siamese it is hard to tell.

    • Well, Dan, the cats your describe are superb cats and rare. I like them as well. I am not sure I have seen a ginger female Maine Coons and NFCs. Perhaps we should do a page of pictures of female ginger Maine Coons. I’ll have a go at that.

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