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Pictures of Pretty Girls and Cats — 12 Comments

  1. I agree – the kitten looks a bit off – like it was just given a shower or is ill. The caption in the last picture could read starting with ‘pretty’ as well.

  2. That kitten looks ill to me too,his eyes are very red and sore looking.
    I don’t think that girl holding him is in the least bit pretty in all that make up although she obviously likes herself a lot.
    I like seeing pics of fully dressed kind men with cats,so come on Micheal we don’t want to see nasty sweaty bits exposed just a few men like you and Marc who obviously love cats and aren’t just posing for the camera.

    • 🙂 – have very few pics of me with my cats – infact just 4, one of me and Gigi in Canada, and 3 of me and Red. Oh – wait – I have a few with me and Gigi here in Switz – I have a new trick for getting us both in the picture. After Red I swore I would try and make sure to take pictures of me with all my cats. They mean so much later after they are gone. I wish I had more.

  3. Yeah, the red kitten could just be all sweaty from the model holding him, but he could be sick as well. I don’t mind these pictures, but the ones with the cats inside the cleavage upsets me. Kittens are suppose to be cute, not part of some sexy photo.

    • I agree with that Dan, I think the days of men drooling over such pics are probably over, is it a bit insulting to men to think they’re so shallow as to want to see such pics? Anyway all along the men were probably admiring the kittens not the cleavage but daren’t admit it

    • LOL. I’ll have to find some. However, in a purely commercial sense, pretty boys are not as commercial as pretty girls. It is still a man’s world, sadly.

    • Oh yes and I’ll fourth it. I’ve seen some good pics of Facebook of real men who have resued cats and kittens, they don’t actually have to be all that good looking as long as they’re kind, that’s where women differ to men I suppose 😉

  4. Yes Michael, we all need some light relief from serious subjects like the abuse of cats and I’m sure our male PoCs will love those pictures.
    But how about us ladies? You must now find some good looking men posing with cats for us to admire 😉

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