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Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.
I’d just like to float the idea of opening an online shop on PoC. The first thing to note is the obvious: it could not compete with mainstream online shops so if it were to work it would have to sell specialist items that could not be found online elsewhere. It may be possible to achieve this. I would like to explore the possibility.

For me there are two distinct advantages to a PoC, specialist, online, cat product shop:

  1. The profits could go towards cat charities and
  2. Its existence would widen the scope of the website and add another dimension to it.

Is a PoC cat product shop practical? The software is easy to install. It would have to be PayPal payments only but PayPal is widespread these days and international as well as local. The shop would be entirely free-standing and customised. It would not, for example, be an Amazon site on PoC. They don’t work.

The number of items for sale (the itinerary) would be small and specialist. I have the storage facility and the time. Also it may be possible for others to get involved.

If it did work out – and that is far from certain – I would expect low levels of profit. That is not a problem because it can be built on and a shop could open doors to other possibilities.

What sort of products could be sold?  They would have to be small to allow easy and manageable post and packaging. I envisage products such as handmade-to-order jewelry. I would need to find someone to craft it to order. A specialist velvet brush for brushing up cat hair that I use would also be useful. Perhaps jewelry of famous cats might be popular. I would consider commissioning a jeweler to make earrings of well known cats and/or rescued and saved cats. These are just initial, thinking aloud ideas.

I would appreciate some “gut feel” feedback. Negative feedback is as acceptable as positive feedback. I have no illusions as to the viability. If we did sell cat products I would expect it to fail but I think it might be worth a try.

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  1. I really like the idea 🙂 The cats charities would benefit so much and people do want something unusual that they haven’t seen anywhere else 🙂

      • Personally I’d go for the cheapie because it’s disposable, replaceable and affordable though I can see the attraction of the superior model

      • It’s really about whether a person could afford a luxurious one or not, we couldn’t at that price and considering we’d need to buy two.
        We also need to remember that cats are even happy sitting in a cardboard box.
        I’d be worried if you had expensive ones made Michael and couldn’t sell them….although I suppose you could maybe have them made to order if people were willing to wait?

  2. I would buy from the shop. I just finally managed to get hold of something I really wanted for a long time for my cats – a few XXL Tickle Pickles by Tipsy Nip – they are the best catnip toys on the market according to my research, they are strong and filled with high quality organic catnip. They were only available in the US for ages – I finally got them from Oskar and Klaus’ website (Oskar is the cat with no eyes in the winning cat film festival film) – here’s the actual product page: but you can see they other Tipsy Nip products like small Tickle Pickles and so on – my cats love them, they smell of catnip proper and they are just really very nice organic products, nice and big and so on. It took alot of looking around to find these and now that I finally got them I lve them and so do the cats. I paid with paypal.

    Michael you will see they don’t ship to Australia and NZ. I buy an awful lot of things online with regard to bicycles and I can tell you that there are certain countries you can’t ship to like Italy – each for different reasons. The reciever pays import tax over a certain amount etc – I’d be happy to email you with any advice you want. I have been buying antique/vintage bicycles and parts from all over for the last 10 years or so. Bicycles really push the postage services to the limit in terms of size and weight and the challenge of them being well handled and not destroyed. Right off the bat I can tell you the UK, US and Swiss postal services have always been perfect. From the US I had a couple thngs get lost and they were successfully returned and resent to me so not lost forever.

    There’s alot onvolved but cat products are small. BTW you can’t send catnip to AUS or NZ because its plant matter and a danger to their already completely destroyed and messed up ecosystems. (ok AUS, not NZ, NZ is not destroyed yet but that ugly bald man says the cats will destroy it, I hope the cats start with him if he’s right)

    …..alot involved

    …but, most importantly there are specific things which I very much want like these catnip toys. I want bigger cardboard scratchers which you just can’t get in Europe. I can show you the productsa I most want based on my research. Then there will be large things like cat trees or specific good cat carriers. There are certain products in the cat world which seem superior to me. For another example, cats love cardboard scratchers and they are in keeping with the environment and recycling. But they are always too small, your cat can’t really lay in without pulling it over or something. So here’s one I badly want: …they are just nice things and cats ‘love’ them I can tell you from my readings that they are totally in love with those things. You can eventually replace the cardboard part. Most of all they are made of nice materials and they are just plain simple design. I want one but haven’t found one available here yet – mind you I haven’t looked in the last 6 months so maybe I’ll go on there now and see if they ship IntL. The Tickle Pickles come from Oskar and Claus since I couldn’t get them direct from Tipsy Nip. Maybe with the Brawny Cat XL Scratch and Slumber I can find a second company who will ship IntL. – if Brwany Cat still dont.

    There are cat trees I want too but can’t get out here. I could go on. Most of you know that many cat toys don’t last more than 10 minutes before being broken or whatever so it is really important you can find the right ones that hold up to your cat’s level of play. Lilly can destroy almost anything in 5 minutes. So far the pickles have held up perfectly.

    There is a great value to the idea Michael – PoC could really sell some specific and good things for people. Even cat trees break down so the boxes are within shipping size standards.

    We should eventually make a list of products we want as a start. You could also have a ‘wish list’ and get feedback as to what people want.

    • Many thanks for taking the time to provide some product ideas. The cardboard scratchers you showed are like cat sofas – large cat sofas! Excellent. The device looks really nice but as you say getting your hands on one is hard. Maybe he’ll sell a small shipment of them and I can sell them on! Dreaming maybe! I’ll chew over your comment. There may be a way to make this work.

    • I wonder if it would be possible to manufacture the Brawny Cat lounger in England. It could be copied. Do you think there is something impregnated into the cardboard or is it just the feel of it that makes cats want to roll about on it? It looks like corrugated cardboard.

      • I love those luxury loungers!
        I’d think maybe catnip was impregnated or maybe like our cat scratch sofas a packet of catnip is included to sprinkle on.
        See how ours are very basic in comparison.
        Walt and Jo would love luxury ones.

        • This is the luxury one made in the USA. I was wondering if you thought like Marc that they were really good, I might be able to find someone to make them here and sell them on PoC. The picture is by D Sabo Photography and the cat is “Turbo”.

          • Yes I looked at Marc’s link and was very impressed.
            The one in your picture looks so luxurious, I wonder how much they would sell at?

            • They are expensive at about $200 inc. shipping in N. America.

              This is the sort of thing PoC could sell if we could make them. I may be able to do that. That would be a unique product in the UK. It is that sort of approach to a PoC shop that appeals to me.

              It is large but a courier could deliver it. Might be able to get someone to make it cheaper and as good. It is a fairly basic construction. But this would be quite an ambitious project.


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