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Plan B: No Kill Revolution — 4 Comments

  1. Your psychotic and delusional “No-Kill” religion (conceived of, based on, and fueled by your own relentless insecurities and fear of death) is the DIRECT CAUSE of the most heinous, widespread, and longest lasting animal abuse in the history of humanity. But you REFUSE to accept the FACT that YOU are causing it.

    There’s far worse things than death. Anyone need only read the following link if they think saving more unwanted animals’ lives is going to give them a life worth living.


    What do you think happens in EVERY town or county that enacts “no kill” policies? As soon as those shelters are full (from the influx of unwanted pets from surrounding towns, counties, and states; from people dumping their unwanted pets into the nearest “no kill” zones; because they don’t have either the money, balls, nor strength of heart enough to do the right thing and have their unwanted animal euthanized), then people just start dumping them everywhere. Back to square one, with even MORE animals suffering to death.

    When are you people going to finally wake-up from your psychotic bliss of self-induced ignorance?

    • Sigh…more sighs and Woody please stop ranting. No Kill is possible and it has been proved it is possible. TNR can work if carried out over the long term and consistently. Better cat ownership is a possibility and we don’t to kill cats in large numbers. You are in a minority Woody and you are extremely tiresome.

      You have had your say on this matter thanks to my generosity. If you make another comment it has to be extremely polite otherwise it goes in the bin (trash can).

      It is you who is psychotic and delusional but because you are psychotic and delusional you don’t realise you are psychotic and delusional 😉

  2. Mr. Wino-grad must be in a financial mess if he can’t even do simple math to balance his checkbook.

    He would have realized that you can’t cram 150 million (and exponentially growing) excess cats into the homes that already house the 86 million cats. All cat-lickers’ homes are already filled to the brim with cats. Many of them facing cat-hoarding criminal charges for animal-abuse when found out.

    “Psychotic” and “Delusional” would be a good words to describe him (and anyone who believes him or believes like him).

    • Thanks for the first comment on this page even if it is a bit cruel. You use the language of Mr Woodsman. I think you are wrong as there are cat shelters were genuine no kill takes place. No cats are killed at these shelters. As I understand Winograd’s theory it is possible to stop killing cats if animal rescue organisations and shelters think out of the box and tap into the enormous capacity of Americans to absorb the unwanted cats.

      Of course, the supply side problem also needs to be tackled. Why can’t the shelters do something in respect of that too? Why can’t they set up courses and seminars to educate people to neuter their cats promptly and to be better and more responsible cat owners?

      And also the commercial aspects of killing cats at shelters need to be dealt with. Dead cats are a resource and shelters should not be treating euthanised cats as a commercial resource.

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