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  1. Also as Babz says not too gaudy,I think it would irritate me and distract me from the writing as I don’t have a lot of time to spend on line.
    Your own articles are pure gold Micheal,you don’t need frills.

  2. I hope it doesn’t go too dark or too red as lighter colours are better for people with eyesight troubles.
    This is so light and easy to read as it is now.

    • I think like you. I like things plain, simple and readable. Don’t worry I won’t do anything that will upset any of the regulars 😉 I just like a bit of input at the beginning.

    • Your comment begs the question whether I should change the colours? I don’t have to do anything but from time to time a change can help to freshen things up.

  3. And red has been shown to increase sales. We were told to always wear a red outfit on selling days. People see red and see cheer and want to spend money.

  4. I’ve also heard black text is best. My brain won’t allow me to choose just one as a favorite. #4, 14 or 22 are nice. 14 will wake you up and the other two will calm you down. Depends on the mood you want to set. My personal webpage is a romantic theme, but that’s just me. Decide whether you want humor, educational or soft kitty feel to it. Good luck narrowing it down to one.

  5. I like 23 and 28, however… since I have a bit of training in this area. I think the important bit to remember is that it’s easily readable. I have a textbook that was surely a good reading font for a book, but using that same font with the pdf version makes the letters so thin that the document has to be enlarged several times before they can be easily viewed. It’s better to use a fixed with font and go with at least 1.25-1.5 line spacing for best readablity. Once you have that, it’s just a matter of finding the right color text to go with the background. That is why black text on white is probably preferable. The white gives off more light and makes the page easier to read. I love black with pink or silver letters, but they make for lousy reading. Black with green text works best.
    The outside frames the page and either focuses or takes away focus off the document. I think that if you go with a white page you should have a bit darker background, with the header area darkest. With a totally black background, it’s actually better to have the reading areas boxed in and with a lighter area in the middle of the boxes to fight the page expansion effect that black gives. I think black is awesome for headers, but green is the best shade. Silver is cliche and can be hard for people who have trouble seeing well. I honestly like those two about, but my advice: Go with a dark header, bit lighter sides and white background, with a fixed-width font and nice black letters. Or stay with what you got. Nothing wrong with a classic.

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