PoC Comment Charity Scheme – August Donation

It is the time to write about a charity donation funded by the PoC Comment Charity Scheme. Before I address that subject, I’d like to mention the £100 donation made by Marc Poberejsky, a regular and well-regarded contributor to PoC.

Marc’s Donation

Not long ago, Marc made an extremely generous donation of $1000 in memory of his cat Red and this is another donation, this time to the Wear Valley and Darlington Cats Protection branch, which boosts Ruth and Barbara’s donation of £92.11 that was raised through their fundraiser. That makes a highly respectable £192.11 for cat welfare. Wonderful.

I can confirm the donation has been made via PoC for ease of management as Marc lives in Switzerland. Marc donated £100 to my PayPal account and I made the donation via the Cats Protection website using my debit card.

Making the donation. At the time of writing this I am yet to receive email confirmation.
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The reason why I am spelling it out is because it is important that everything concerning money is done with a high level of transparency for the sake of engendering trust. Trust through honesty is a feature of PoC and the family of cat caretakers that it has become.

PoC Comment Charity Scheme – August Donation

The total number of comments at this time (11:44 am) on the last day of August is 2351 [17560 (present) less15209 (beginning of month)].

At 5 cents per comment that makes a very healthy $117. Converting to pounds we have £75.50. The final figure will be a fraction higher when I count comments later today.

I hope people are pleased. I want to most sincerely thank everyone who has commented and contributed. It is important as it keeps PoC alive and motivates me. PoC is unique in giving the sums of money that it does to cat charities. We should be proud of that. PoC has been giving to charity since 2008.

Choose a Charity

I would like some suggestions as to which cat charity should receive the £75.50 for August’s donation. There is no need to rush but ideas would be useful to me as it broadens the scope of what can be done with the money.

Update — Made a donation of £76 to Ark on the Edge:


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37 thoughts on “PoC Comment Charity Scheme – August Donation”

  1. Just got this email from Pat:

    Have just been onto our charity checkout site and sending email to say a big thankyou for your very kind donation.

    I can assure you that every penny goes towards the animals, I personally run and work the charity for nothing to ensure that the animals get everything.

    Once again very many thanks


    Contact: Pat Kingsnorth
    Ark on the Edge
    Animal rescue/sanctuary & Wildlife Education Centre
    Woolley Hill Farm
    Co Durham
    DL13 5RX
    h: 01833 630505 mob: 07970802286
    web: http://www.arkontheedge.org.uk/
    Reg. Charity No 1116552

    • That is nice Michael, Pat and Chris and everyone else from the Ark really do appreciate it and were very surprised to be chosen, not even knowing anything about your charity donation scheme.
      Fate is strange, we hadn’t even met any of them or Dylan until the fund raising day at the vets, although we did know about them of course.
      So by being there for Cats Protection and Marc doubling what we raised for them, which was a huge bonus, we met the Ark people and Dylan and they now have this lovely donation and will be part of our PoC family too.
      Babz next event at her Funeral Home will be a Coffee Morning for Kays Hill cattery as it’s their turn next, possibly early October. We always raise more there for animal charities than peoples so hoping to do well that day.
      We’ve some nice raffle prizes for then and I love that part when it’s drawn, I go around the room with the tickets and everyone there takes a turn to pull one out, Babz has the lists to make of the numbers and the prize and who won it, we always make sure it’s all done properly and fairly.
      It’s a shame our PoC family are too far away to join us.
      Leanne is addicted to home made cheese scones lol

      • I think it is the way things spread out. There is a connection. I want the connection – the network – to extend so we help more and more cats.

        This time it is due to you, Barbara and Dylan that we found the Ark.

        It is good.

        • It’s almost as if fate arranged everything because it was only last Monday we met Dylan and the Ark volunteers for the first time, now a week later they have some desperately needed funds from PoC.
          I think it’s AMAZING!
          Our late mam would say ‘God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform’
          I don’t know about that lol but I do know that PoC is (to quote our Dee) the ‘bees knees’ of cat websites lol

  2. Dylan would like to say thank you for your donation to Ark on the Edge. The money recived will be put to good use. It is a great thing you are doing,we are proud to be part of POC Community.

    We will definitely keep you posted on all things Dylan.

    Incidentally, while at Pets at Home yesterday, we asked three times about how to get your cat walking on a harness and lead.As people said their cats refused to cooperate. I explained about the small dog harness that Dylan uses. As an alternative, One person actually bought one in store,and is going to let us know how things progress.Thanks again for the donation x

    • Thanks Chris and Dylan. We at PoC are pleased to help cats and all animals who need our help.

      I look forward to hearing more about Dylan’s exploits.

      This is very nice picture of Dylan smiling.


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