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PoC Comment Charity Scheme – August Donation — 37 Comments

  1. Just got this email from Pat:

    Have just been onto our charity checkout site and sending email to say a big thankyou for your very kind donation.

    I can assure you that every penny goes towards the animals, I personally run and work the charity for nothing to ensure that the animals get everything.

    Once again very many thanks


    Contact: Pat Kingsnorth
    Ark on the Edge
    Animal rescue/sanctuary & Wildlife Education Centre
    Woolley Hill Farm
    Co Durham
    DL13 5RX
    h: 01833 630505 mob: 07970802286
    web: http://www.arkontheedge.org.uk/
    Reg. Charity No 1116552

    • That is nice Michael, Pat and Chris and everyone else from the Ark really do appreciate it and were very surprised to be chosen, not even knowing anything about your charity donation scheme.
      Fate is strange, we hadn’t even met any of them or Dylan until the fund raising day at the vets, although we did know about them of course.
      So by being there for Cats Protection and Marc doubling what we raised for them, which was a huge bonus, we met the Ark people and Dylan and they now have this lovely donation and will be part of our PoC family too.
      Babz next event at her Funeral Home will be a Coffee Morning for Kays Hill cattery as it’s their turn next, possibly early October. We always raise more there for animal charities than peoples so hoping to do well that day.
      We’ve some nice raffle prizes for then and I love that part when it’s drawn, I go around the room with the tickets and everyone there takes a turn to pull one out, Babz has the lists to make of the numbers and the prize and who won it, we always make sure it’s all done properly and fairly.
      It’s a shame our PoC family are too far away to join us.
      Leanne is addicted to home made cheese scones lol

      • I think it is the way things spread out. There is a connection. I want the connection – the network – to extend so we help more and more cats.

        This time it is due to you, Barbara and Dylan that we found the Ark.

        It is good.

        • It’s almost as if fate arranged everything because it was only last Monday we met Dylan and the Ark volunteers for the first time, now a week later they have some desperately needed funds from PoC.
          I think it’s AMAZING!
          Our late mam would say ‘God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform’
          I don’t know about that lol but I do know that PoC is (to quote our Dee) the ‘bees knees’ of cat websites lol

  2. Dylan would like to say thank you for your donation to Ark on the Edge. The money recived will be put to good use. It is a great thing you are doing,we are proud to be part of POC Community.

    We will definitely keep you posted on all things Dylan.

    Incidentally, while at Pets at Home yesterday, we asked three times about how to get your cat walking on a harness and lead.As people said their cats refused to cooperate. I explained about the small dog harness that Dylan uses. As an alternative, One person actually bought one in store,and is going to let us know how things progress.Thanks again for the donation x

    • Thanks Chris and Dylan. We at PoC are pleased to help cats and all animals who need our help.

      I look forward to hearing more about Dylan’s exploits.

      This is very nice picture of Dylan smiling.

  3. When you think about it POC has done a tremendous amount of good for a lot of charities and people, and the latest donations raised by the number of comments made are produced by people coming on here and doing something we enjoy and that’s talking about cats, this site must be unique, I’m so proud to be a regular and I think Michael deserves a huge cyber round of applause for founding and running the site and having such brilliant ideas and for his generosity! Clap, clap, clap! 🙂

  4. What fabulous news the donation is going to the Ark on the Ledge I loved reading about Dylan and seeing him in his action pictures.
    I do hope we get more news from them now.
    I love reading about rescues and admire very much those who do so much.I only rescue cats in a small way in my own home and know how hard it is rehoming them to good forever homes.

  5. A huge thankyou for this donation, I was really surprised and total overwhelmed as I had no idea.

    Every little helps us to keep going, we are totally donation based and receive no funding from anywhere so the business of fundraising to keep going is a nightmare these days.

    Once again from hair, fur and feathers thankyou

  6. I think it’s fair that the charities of regular contributers are the chosen ones,I haven’t seen yet any stories from the others who benefited other times apart from Cats Protection League and Kayshill.Forgive me if I missed those stories though because I’m only here spasmodically and that’s why I never nominate any myself.
    It’s a great sum this month Micheal well done.

    • Thanks Rose. I think it is a good sum too. We love to help cats. To really do something rather than talk or write about it.

      I believe that there is too much talk and not enough action in the world.

        • I have made a donation to Ark on the Edge. They are going through a hard time. There are many other good cat and animal charities but this seems suitable for this month. Here is the receipt:

          • This is wonderful and truly unexpected news, I’m sure they will appreciate the donation very much and like CP and Kays Hill will come back to PoC and share their news and photos.
            THANK YOU very much Michael and also everyone who has commented in August thus contributing to this fantastic amount 🙂

              • Thank you from me too, that donation plus the gift aid is a lovely windfall for the Ark. You’re right Ruth is an inspiration and so are you Michael and of course Marc, what a kind and wonderful bunch of folks POC is.

              • Thank you, I think it’s because Babz and I are a team that we do well fund raising for cats, it’s only that as she has to go out to work and I’m retired I have more time to write articles and design posters for PoC, which I love doing.
                Yes I fell in love with Dylan too and loved meeting the Ark volunteers, helping cats is what makes me happiest and that’s why I love PoC and our PoC family.
                The Ark do a wonderful job and so does PoC.

  7. The donation by Marc is wonderful and couldn’t come at a better time for Cats Protection and I know Marion and all volunteers are very grateful for it because it means more cats and kittens can be helped.
    Thank you so much Michael and Marc for all the donations you have both given to our two local Rescues, CP and Kays Hill cattery.
    We will always bring you the latest news from both places in return for this kindness.
    We can’t expect another charity of ours to benefit so soon but one day, maybe when other cat charities have had a turn, we can ask for help for Dylan, the fund raising cat for Ark On the Edge who are another charity struggling to care for many cats and kittens.

      • Hi Marc, I did an article and pics on Dylan the cat on the harness at our CP fund raising day, who fund raises for Ark on the Edge


        we just met him and his caretaker Chris and some of the Ark volunteers for the first time there.
        We’ve known about that Sanctuary for a while but haven’t actually visited them yet as it’s a way out from us, but we hope to go on Babz next week off work at the beginning of October.

        • Ahh – oops! Thx for reminding me – I knew I was having a short term blank – I wasn’t connecting Dylan, who I remember of course (he’s a cat!) ..and Ark on the Edge 🙂

          • lol it’s OK Marc.
            He’s fund raising today at ‘Pets at Home’ with Chris and we’d love to have gone and seen them again but we’ve been grounded all day for the BT engineer coming to upgrade our internet. It’s done now and wonderfully fast, hopefully no more frustration.com from now lol

    • I want to thank Marc for the extra wonderful donation of £100 for CP and Michael too for making it all possible and being the in-between man and passing the donation directly to Marion. Also for the last month’s donations generosity, I hope whichever charity or charities receive this month’s donations are as thrilled as we were last time. POC must be the best cat site on the world wide web! Thank you.

      • Thanks Babz. Marc is a great guy and it makes life worth living to really target cat charity donations; to do something meaningful for cat welfare. To me, to do that, is worth far more than having money. Good for you and Ruth too for fundraising in such a friendly, interesting way and effective way.

        • I love fundraising, the hard work comes beforehand but on the day it’s just sheer pleasure (once the boys are in and settled and we know we can both go and do it LOL)I wish I was a lot younger I’d love to do more

          • I love fund raising too and we meet such lovely people, many have become friends who support us by giving us things for raffle prizes and tombolas, so that every penny we raise goes to cats, no expenses out of it.
            Barbara’s firm are brilliant in that they allow her to buy the ingredients for baking and her cheese scones and chocolate cakes are famous lol
            Yes it’s hard work especially as we get older but it’s so worth it.

            • The vet’s birthday open day was a bonus as it’s sometimes difficult finding free places to hold fund raisers, apart from Babz place of work where we can only reasonably do up to three events yearly.

    • Spectacular suggestion, Ruth.
      I think we were all anamored by your story of Dylan.
      Marc and Michael, you are incredible human beings.
      May your auras always stay pink (Pink Aura people are by nature loving and giving. They love to be loved too).
      Karma can be a bitch or a pleasure. No bitch Karma in your lives!

      • I’m pink Dee. It is what I am programmed to be. I never asked for it. For some reason (I think I know what it is) I am drawn to the vulnerable. It can kill you young, though.

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