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On 3rd July 2013, there were 13,612 comments on PoC1. On 1st August 2013 there are 15,209. That is just under one month’s worth of comments for July 2013 but I will count that as:

1597 comments for July

At 5 cents per comment that makes $79.85 or rounded up to $80

I think that is great and is not a small amount. I hope people agree.

OK, which charity is going to get the money this month?

I would like visitors and regulars to make a recommendation. I’ll choose one of the recommendations. People should not be upset is their selection is not chosen this month because there is always next month and future months.

A selected charity other than in the UK should be able to receive payment through PayPal. Ideally all recommended charities should accept PayPal as it makes things much easier for me, Thanks.


  1. The figure is since 25th May 2012. In total there are over 35,000 at a guess.

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31 thoughts on “PoC Comment Charity Scheme – July Donation”

  1. What I love about the UK charities helped by PoC is that we get news from them.
    It would be nice to have news from the other cat charities that benefit too.

  2. Wow! A whole $80!!!

    How “generous” of you! That should cover about 1/10th of the funds required to save any animal attacked by someone’s cat!

    But, oh, wait. You’re using it to save a cat that can attack another animal and torture it to death. So you’re not doing one thing to pay for all the damage and suffering that that you and your cats cause on this planet.

    I see. (Not surprised, not one of you ever try to undo any damage that you cause on this planet.)

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Woody or Woody’s ilk, you are the lowest form of life that ever existed that you could make a comment like this on a page about a tiny helpless kitten who those young scum of the earth tried to drown in oil.
      I only hope they change their ways before they grow up to have hearts full of hatred like you do, hatred not only for cats but for us who love cats too.
      We don’t cause the damage on this planet, nor do cats, it’s YOU who does that, you who are not a human or an animal, just bacteria that has grown from an evil source.
      I’d like to meet you too, I may be a female getting on in years but my hatred and anger at you would give me the strength to put you out of your misery once and for all and that would make this planet a much better place.
      By the way, thank you for the 5 cents you donate every time you waste your time writing your rubbish which no one agrees with and which only gets you more hated than you already are. You are apparently too thick to realise that every comment you make here helps those innocent creatures who you hate.
      I agree with Michael, you are a complete s**t and that’s being kind!

      1. I shouldn’t get annoyed by this idiot because as Marc says, he is a troll and their aim is to annoy people. They get pleasure in winding people up.

    2. Yes “Frank” a whole $80 donated with so much love for a tiny creature that through no fault of his own was badly treated by young scum that sound like apprentices to your miserable, cruel and ignorant way of life. I only wish someone has popped you in a barrel of oil when you were a sprog and saved the world from your belligerence. On the plus side, as Ruth said, your stupid comments generate cash as do our replies to you so thanks very much for that, I’m sure the next recipient of Michaels kind donations (which WILL BE a cat or cats make no mistake about that) will be very grateful. Have a nasty day now, Bye!

    3. The ones doing the damage are people like you spilling your filth and hatred in a place where decent people come.
      Your stupidity is astonishing,as the others say you’ve generated more donations for the August cat charity by your rubbish and by giving us chance to reply…..let’s see now….that’s 30 cents towards some other poor cat abused by someone like you.
      Come on Woody surely you’ve more to say to donate some more cents.
      Micheal says to you that you are a complete sh*t and I say to you that you are not fit to eat his sh*t
      So come on let’s be meeting you…..just say where and when?

      1. Yes Woody Rose is right, come on at least have the strength to stand by your pathetic convictions come on show yourself you damn coward.

    4. The only damage caused on this planet Woody is by dangerous, twisted individuals like you. You are full of so much hate; I pity you. This kitten was tortured by an animal, 5 of them in fact all human feral animals rather like yourself I imagine. You really are pathetic.

  3. I think its wonderful that you have helped this brave little kitten I just wish that all people would value even the smallest of lives.

  4. Thank you so much Michael!! Chester is progressing well now physically but now the mental trauma is staring to show, he cowers with his ears back when humans go close and will run given chance but on his own when he thinks we aren’t looking he enjoys playing with his toys and he is eating well. Thanks Again

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      I’m sure he will soon learn to trust you Marion, with all the TLC you give him.
      All those offers of homes, I bet when the time comes you won’t want to part with him lol

  5. N’thing Ruth’s suggestion of donating the money to those caring for little Chester. He has a long road ahead of him and those funds will help those who are caring for him.

    I’m heartened by Bab’s update on him. More purrs to the little mite!

  6. I agree with everyone else that Chester should get the donation because no doubt the vets bill will be huge by the time he finishes his treatment.
    He will survive if all the love being sent to him can help.

  7. How very kind of Ruth to suggest the money this month goes towards Chester’s veterinary care, I hope he is going to survive, I’m frightened to say that it’s looking a bit hopeful but Marion says he’s sleeping on his heat pad and purring a little bit and he’s eaten and his poos are not pure oil now, as long as his little chest is clear he maybe has a chance. He is so tiny and so brave.

  8. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

    I think the money should go to help Chester, the kitten that was dunked in a barrel of oil by some young hooligans. I think Ruth, aka Kattaddorra is planning on a full article about him. He is mentioned in the comments on the article about the kitten killed in a Cyprus restaurant. His picture is there also. I think anyone looking at his photo will agree with me.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Ruth you are an Earth Angel, you prayed for Chester and now you are recommending the July donations help pay his vets bill.
      Thank you very much on behalf of all cat lovers here.

      1. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

        If Chester survives it will be a miracle. I keep thinking about the fact that he no doubt aspirated some oil and that he has been pooping out an oily substance. If God allows this poor baby to slip away out of this world, into the next, then Chester will be at peace. Perhaps that is what will happen.

        I so much want for him to survive though. I think he is meant to survive– everything just came together so perfectly for him to be saved. I don’t believe in coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. If the man who found him hadn’t lost his way, had been driving a car instead of a van… It’s like when I found Monty. If I’d come out five minutes earlier or later, if Monty had seen where his mom went and followed instead of getting left behind… Chester was meant to be found and rescued, so I just have this feeling that maybe he’s supposed to live a long life too. Perhaps he’s meant for someone– the person who will adopt him, whom he maybe hasn’t even met yet, but who will become the light of his life as he will be for that person.

    2. Great idea – I am in agreement. An amount like that is nice to donate to a single cause like this – maybe – I think so – I’m all for it going to Chester.

    3. Ruth, that’s a great idea! I agree that Chester should have it.
      I wish we could offer it as a reward to any person who witnessed that slug killing that kitten if they will go to the authorities
      and put his sorry _ss in jail! I wish somebody would put out a hit on him.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Wonderful news thank you Michael.
        It’s a good idea to make a special page on him and then Marion can share his pics and keep our PoC family informed of his progress.

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