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PoC for children is a new concept on this website. Update: August 2012: this idea is currently on hold. It was not that successful but that does not mean it cannot be successful in the future…There are lots of pages that are all primarily designed to be read by adults. I think there should be some pages specially built for children so that we can spead the word wider. I have decided to write pages for children in about the 6 -10 years of age bracket. This is not to say that anyone can read these pages if they want a quick and easy overview on a subject. Any feedback would be welcome.

The intention is to cover similar ground that is already on the site. I am working with Ruth Ockendon Laycock, Ruth to her fans, on this project. The pages will be based on her posters. She did a very popular series of stories about a cat called Sebastian who was declawed. It was written in the first person: Sebastian’s Diary.

This page is a growing page. It has been started on 24th September 2010. Please allow time for links to pages to build.

The form below is for my use! But if anyone has relevant information about cats that is meant to read and seen by children, by all means use it.

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Lewis  starstarstarstarstar
My cat Lewis has never really liked other cats. One day, as always, Lewis was asleep on the couch.

“Lewis!” Shrieked Roy, my little brother. He …

THE FIRST HOUSE CATS  starstarstarstarstar
THE FIRST HOUSE CATS – Photo montage: copyright Ruth

The first time people had cats was about 9,000 years ago.

People know this because when …

The Amazing Cat – Some Cat Facts For Kids  starstarstarstar
Poster by Ruth
Click on this thumbnail picture above to see a very large format picture that you can download and print for school work if …

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