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In this short page I explain why I think it is OK to talk about cat health problems and I list my references. Information about cat health is useful but must be used wisely. Only a good veterinarian can make the best decisions (but that is not the case in respect of declawing in the USA). The articles on cat health on this site explain the illnesses and possible causes to inform the visitor. But the information stops there. Diagnosis and prognosis is the domain of the vet but a well informed human companion of the ill cat can help in the process of healing.

References: I use books to avoid over copied web information and to find original sources. These are the books I use. They are numbered and I might refer to the numbering as references in the text:

  • 1. Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook by Drs. Carlson and Giffin – an excellent book.
  • 2. The Veterinarians’ Guide to Your Cats’ Symptoms by Drs Garvey, Hohenhaus, Houpt, Pincaney, Wallace and Elizabeth Randolph
  • 3. A-Z of Cat Diseases and Health Problems by Dr Bradley Viner
  • 4. The American Animal Hospital Association Encyclopaedia of Cat Health and Care
  • 5. Your Cat by Dr Elizabeth Hodgkins
  • 6. Veterinary Notes for Cat Owners by Dr Trevor Turner and Jean Turner
  • 7. The Natural Health Cat Care Manual by Don Harper

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