Police Shoot Companion Animal For No Reason

Actually there was a reason: there was an ongoing feud between the dog’s owner and the local police because he has made complaints against the police.

I can’t watch the video and haven’t watched it but it needs to be spread around because I think this behavior is an example of how society is becoming more stressed. That stress is affecting how people behave including the police.

The police are becoming too defensive and they are overreacting. It is isn’t just in America. In Britain it is probably worse. You can’t demonstrate in Britain anymore. The police just corral you (called “kettling”) and then arrest you for nothing.

Or if you try break out they grab you and hit you. That is a crime but no policeman ever gets arrested. Respect for the police is waning. Remember the days when people respected the police. Not anymore. In Britain, they have made too many mistakes and shown themselves to be corrupted, biased, defensive and unreliable when it really matters. That does not apply to all police, obviously. But that is the impression people are getting.

If anyone can watch it, please leave a comment and tell me what you think. The police have said that they would not return his dog’s body to his owner. How bad is that? Compounding the problem. Insensitive and like a police state.

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Police Shoot Companion Animal For No Reason — 32 Comments

  1. Well, I just spoke to a couple of buddies, in the Lincoln, NE Lancaster County, Politzei, and they agree with all of us here on PoC. Just continue to do what you do, My Mr. Michael, Ruth(K), Ruth(M), and our bebe, Marc. and Eliza, and All of You. Do not give up the fight. (My cats are allowed to climb CLIMB! my legs. Are yours? I’m now on the warpath, to fight for all injustice, shoot,, I could use some assistance? c’mon! get off of your buttocks, my people!

  2. Take this viral, Elisa Balck-Taylor. I’m posting this on the remaining cedar streetposts that exist. I’m taking this as far and wide as I can.

  3. Elisa, watched and read all of this. Thank you again, all of you! (I had one kind officer give me a mat and a blanket, so that I could hide in my cell. This is what is interesting, though; he covered me up as though I was his child. Last time I was in jail, I was verbally abusive towards him. I called him “a drunk.” I so regret it.)

  4. Ruth(K), is your sister holed up in the basement like me with cats, safe and secure under the goosedown? Bet she is.

    • Michael, Marc, Dee, I can’t watch the vid either, ust can txt beneath it. On “defamation for de-claws. I’m about to write something… 🙁

  5. I can’t watch it. Will anything happen about this? Is america really a police state and world bully? It can’t go on like this.

    • He must have been a policeman 😉 If some says you should be fired it means what you are saying means something. It carries weight and is not just pap and internet filler. You should be proud of that. The Max shooting (the Hawthorne case) seems to be an absolute classic case of abuse of a policeman’s power to fire his gun at a companion animal. Wanton maliciousness.

    • Ha! Elisa opened a tab for your loink and I am hearing voices! [advertisement, hopefully) 😉 Thank goodness you are not in jail, grrl. We’ve got you covered. Do you have one or two sites that you go to daily? Please?

      • I write for PoC and Examiner. I do an average of 7 articles a day some days. I have about 30 sources I check at least 5 times a day for breaking news.


    • I am the same. I can see it without seeing it because there are one or two still pictures that tell me all I need to know. Horrible. Callous. Unnecessary.

    • Once was enough Caroline 🙁
      From 18 years old I have had horrible images burned into my brain because I can NOT turn away and pretend cruelty isn’t happening. I don’t want to look but I have no choice because if we all bury our heads in the sand then nothing will ever ever get done to stop this.
      Do you want my nightmares? I don’t think so 🙁

      • I know exactly what you mean by images being “burned into my brain”. I didn’t think it would happen to me. I didn’t even think about it. But I now have images of animal cruelty burned into my brain and I don’t think it helps me to be happy.

        • It happens to sensitive people Michael and you are right it doesn’t help you to be happy, but it does make you more determined to fight against all the abuse you can and YOU are doing that right here on PoC
          You MUST switch off sometimes though because you’d be no use to animals at all if you got so depressed that you gave up. I’ve seen that happen to people! It happens to me and I have to give myself a good talking to lol and be glad of even the small difference we are making because sadly, we can’t save the world.
          Depression is horrible so be kind to yourself when you can, go to peaceful places and ‘refresh your body and spirit’ so you can carry on ….. 🙂

          • I think one’s brain becomes sensitised as one gets older which is why we become less tolerant of noise, bad behavior and animal abuse (if one cares). The brain has just had enough for a lot of older people around 65 years of age and beyond.

            • I know exactly how you feel Michael, everywhere is so noisy nowadays, house windows flung open with music pulsing out, cars booming along (how do they concentrste to drive safely?) shops deafening you with their music. Also here there are kids screaming and dogs barking and people shout nowadays instead of talking…..
              I’m 66 next week but feel 106 lol
              HOw I wish our Kattaddorra Village was a reality

              • Happy Early B’day, Ruth! (to us both) How should we celebrate? Cats do not drink vodka nor wine, sake’ so for heaven’s sake, let’s both consume a can of Friskies or Fancy Feast, with a candle glowing.
                postsc, OK, have it your way. I will devour both cans. 😉

                Luv, C

            • Michael, lol, you are not old. Do not put yourself IN that position. !!! My cat< Luck is almost 35, thirty-five years. Challenge yourself! Behave, like your Mother told You! (You are true, a true cat-soul, as well as our own.)

      • I have my own, Dear One. blv me.

        I am so sorry. Believe me, and I know that you do, I feel tremendously utterly for you. 🙁 We survive to coexist and take care of those who neglected…

      • Yes, Ruth. Forced myself to watch this video–I have enough nightmares for a hundred cats & dogs/ humans. This one is yet another that will fuel my fire. Lincoln police force does not like me. Now they hate me. (The nasty ones. they flock together, though, you know this as well as I do.) ..(

  6. I made myself watch it as these things MUST be seen so we can try to do something about it by protesting. But I couldn’t make out what it was all about, couldn’t understand what they were saying, when the police handcuffed the man with the dog it looked as if he jumped out of the car to protect his master. The police looked to me panicked and frightened of the dog. It was HORRIBLE, I won’t describe how the dog died. People were screaming! How can the police get away with doing this?
    I’m so thankful our police aren’t all armed here in the UK and that it’s not normal for everyone to have guns in their home like it is in the USA.
    That all looks like a different world to me living in a small UK town where our police are mostly decent people, yet they are still hated by those who commit crimes and those criminals are untouchable and they know it.
    It seems not many people have much respect for other humans or for animals these days.
    It frightens me!

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