Poodle Cat: the name

Poodle Cat Name Mashup

Poodle Cat is still in the news. It is a name that has recently been used as an informal name for the Selkirk Rex, which is not a new cat breed. The internet press make out that the Poodle Cat is a new designer cat breed. This is not true. I have already said this but Google does not find the page so I am saying it again ;)!

The Selkirk Rex looks like a curly coated British Shorthair. There are short and long haired types. It is quite a rare cat breed and not very popular. It is therefore strange that all this press hype has been generated around a relatively unknown cat breed. In fact, it is the name that has created the hype and the name has been “stolen” from the original and even rarer true Poodle Cat.

The original Poodle Cat is a German curly haired cat. The German word is Pudelkatze. Pudelkatze was created and developed by selective breeding by a Scottish Fold breeder: Rosemarie Wolf in 1987 or 1994. The date is not clear.

Conclusion: Someone (a journalist) hijacked the name Poodle Cat and attached it to an existing cat breed, the Selkirk Rex and then hyped up the whole thing.

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****Selkirk Rex picture is copyright Helmi Flick. Don’t steal it.

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  1. They may have just been confused? Not sure. People just write what every they want to write and put it on the internet unchecked. You would think an editor would catch it. Still, this person is probably making an assumption, or worse, learned it via word of mouth. In school we are taught to use unimpeachable sources. Where did he get the information and is it credible? Either way an embarrassment to be sure.

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