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President Jacob Zuma Wrong About Pets — 6 Comments

  1. Completely agree with what you wrote! However I see some inaccurate information about the location of cat domestication.

    ”Cats were first domesticated in the region just north of Saudi Arabia”

    Saudi Arabia? Studies say us ”Fertile Crescent” and this does not include Saudi Arabia…

    Where you got this claim from, Michael?
    Syria, Israel etc.yes, but certainly Not Egypt. DNA data proves that the cats that came there were already domesticated… (You may find it useful: ”Cats of the pharaohs: genetic comparison of Egyptian cat mummies to their feline
    contemporaries”, Kurushima)

  2. Why should the colour of someone’s skin or their race stop them from having pets, I think that’s very wrong!
    Not everyone likes the same things in life and in my opinion every person of the whole world needs to learn to live and let live because we are all equally human.
    Animals need homes, many people need animal companions, it’s as simple as that to me.

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