Pretty Cat Amongst Ugly Human Behavior

Marc found this webpage showing these pictures. I took a screenshot. It just tells a story about the ugliness of the human’s behavior set against the innocence of the cat. Quite a contrast. It does seem to sum up the contrast in the behavior of the ‘human animal’ versus the animal. A small vulnerable cat sitting amongst the trappings of war, a human invention of the worse kind but symptomatic of human failings.

Kitten in Syria sitting on a rocket launcher
Kitten in Syria sitting on a rocket launcher (lower picture)
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Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t necessarily dislike people. I just dislike what the human is doing to the planet – basically wrecking it and all the animals that are supported by it.

The young cat in the lower picture is a Van-type cat (Van coat) and is sitting on a rocket launcher.

As mentioned, this sort of cat coat is quite common in the land where the cat as first domesticated.

8 thoughts on “Pretty Cat Amongst Ugly Human Behavior”

  1. Has Woody turned transvestite or is it his sister? lol
    Oh well lots more 5 cents coming in for cat charities, keep up the good work you stupid trolls!

  2. “I just dislike what the human is doing to the planet – basically wrecking it and all the animals that are supported by it.”

    How’s that now-extinct Scottish Wildcat of yours, the one that is made extinct by your invasive species cats.

    Here’s even more fun news from the people that are the UK! The “intelligent” culture that started that TNR insanity and absurdity.

    I guess it’s not bad enough that they made their ONE AND ONLY native cat species extinct with their invasive species house-cats, but now they are even going to wipe-out their River Otters.

    “Forty percent of river otters in England may be infected with parasitic disease toxoplasmosis”

    wildlifeextra D0T com SLASH go/news/otter-toxoplasmosis.html

    Yet another great reason to follow the UK’s lead and practice their collective absurdity, ignorance, stupidity, and foolishness. What lofty role models for the world!

    • How rude you are madam, you make yourself look ignorant, stupid and foolish by writing as you do, but hey it’s another 5 cents for a good cause so we’ll just ignore you.

  3. Yes it touches my heart seeing that little innocent kitten sitting there on that rocket launcher with no idea that it’s a weapon made by human beings to take lives!
    Animals are so very innocent, simply following Nature’s way.
    Many men are evil. How can any human being cold heartedly use a weapon to kill any other living feeling being?
    I don’t understand!
    Yes there are good people, I feel for the men who were pacifists and refused to fight in wars, they were punished for being humane humans!
    To me that’s wrong.
    Greed for power is ruining this planet, men fighting men (and even women nowadays too) Humans abusing and killing animals, just because they can.
    It was never meant to be this way.

    • When I see this interesting and shocking picture, I seems that human behavior is so far from the behavior of animals. There are a lot of people like us who just see things going wrong and don’t really understand why.


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