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    • I much prefer this cat Michael 🙂 The first cat compared to this one is just ‘ok’ this one however to me is beautiful 🙂 perhaps its because I favour long haired cats or perhaps its the colour however I think the face is just stunning.

      • I understand what you mean. This orange cat is stunning. You won’t see a better looking cat. She goes beyond pretty to beautiful. Anyone would agree that this orange long haired cat which I believe is a Maine Coon is beautiful whereas with respect to the other cat who is a random bred cat it is more a personal thing.

        • Not sure if the cat is a Maine Coon as their ears are pointed however a beatiful cat all the same. I know what you mean though Michael beauty is in the eye of the beholder its just that the cats eyes are hypnotic and the coat is exceptional. Having said that though I also love moggies. We have had many cats over the years; 12 in all yet only 2 pedigrees so I don’t favour pedigrees in fact we have a moggie who is just as pretty, she’s Tabby and White and has her own special appeal 🙂

  1. She is pretty such a sweet face.
    No I don’t think male cats look for pretty females either,they just like them to smell of eau de chat

      • She’s lovely, part BSH I would guess. The brown colour is almost rust/redish and very unusual. I agree, she’s stunning she really is.

        • She has that sort of perfect-proportions appearance. Everything in place. Balanced. This a classic domestic cat. Probably is a British shorthaired cat but not purebred because this cat is too balanced. Breeders tend to breed more extreme.

          • You are right, perfectly balanced. A purebred BSH would have oversized cheeks I think. They look a bit too much like teddy bears these days although seemingly on the surface nothing as extreme as some other breeds out there. I would hope BSH and BLH haven’t the same plethora of hereditary illness potential as other breeds.

            • A purebred BSH would have oversized cheeks I think

              Yes, and the face would be square, too flat and unnatural and in Russian the cheeks would be ridiculously large. The Brit SH isn’t bad with respect to hereditary illnesses. It is not too extreme but still noticeably slightly (and sometimes, obviously) abnormal.

  2. Yes she is a very pretty cat
    lol I don’t think toms look for pretty queens to mate, they are just like some men and never turn down an offer, pretty female or not ….
    As one desperate male said ‘You don’t even need to look at her face’

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