Pro Declaw, Cruel Not Crazy!

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Some people are desperate to keep declawing legal!

A face book friend has had a fiery debate with another friend (now an ex friend) because she asked her to sign a petition to ban declawing and she refused because SHE doesn’t want it banned.

My friend asked for help to convince this ‘crazy’ woman, as she described her, just how cruel declawing cats really is.

Many of us tried, but we failed, even after all the evidence we presented to her and even after seeing graphic pictures of a cat’s severed toe ends she still insisted she was right. .

What can you do with a person like that?

Pro Declaw, Cruel Not Crazy!
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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Here are some of her ridiculous and ignorant statements:

‘What about the cost of that expensive couch that your cat clawed up trying to sharpen its claws?’
There we have it, she’s a furniture worshipper.

‘What about that nice eye gouging that your child received for trying to hold the cat?’
A child trying to hold the cat, hmmm, I’d say a child abusing a cat in some way because he hasn’t been taught to be gentle and to respect cats. But eye gouging out? I’ve never known a cat gouge anyone’s eye out, have you?

‘Declawing does not disable cats it makes it so they cannot use those razor sharp claws to harm humans or property’
There we go again, razor sharp claws harming humans and property. Why do people who think that way have a cat as a pet if they are so very dangerous?

‘Declawed cats become scared? So that is why my declawed cat fights with my pit-bull right. because it is soooooooo scared’
This really worried me, a declawed cat fighting a pit bull terrier, this can only have a tragic ending for the cat.

You say declawed cats may not use the litter box? Really ? But cats become “dirty” for many reasons’
So the truth is she thinks cats are dirty, again I ask, why does she have a cat as a pet? Oh I know, it’s so her child can amuse himself abusing the defenceless cat and her pit bull can enjoy ‘fighting’ with him.

‘Some say cats become aggressive when declawed? Really…… so they are not aggressive when they have claws? They do not scratch and bite when they have claws?’
If cats scratch and bite they have good reason to do so! I’d say any cat in her care would have good reason to be aggressive because his life must be a misery.

‘So it is ok to do an invasive surgery to spay/neuter an animal right. and that is painless right. and has no emotional effect on them right. just ask your husband how he would feel to wake up tomorrow to having no testicles see what he says. see how much he depends on those testicles to be a man’
Yes the same old chestnuts about spay/neuter and men’s testicles, oh but she forgot to mention circumcision, she slipped up there,

‘I muzzle my dogs to prevent them from harming people, and I declaw my cats so that they cannot hurt people’
So she has vicious dogs that have to be muzzled and she ignorantly thinks that her cats if not declawed would run riot and hurt people.

People like her just won’t listen to the truth, they will say ANYTHING to justify their cruelty.

Which is exactly why declawing MUST be banned!

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36 thoughts on “Pro Declaw, Cruel Not Crazy!”

  1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Just cartoon posters to try to get the message home to pro declaws how cruel it is, but to think that situation really does happen in real life is horrible. I can’t get out of my mind the fear that defenceless cat must be feeling every day.

    1. Your posters say it all Ruth and you don’t need to read the article that goes with them to know what the message is I just hope it gets through to the thickos who are in denial

  2. Ruth your poster sent shivers of horror up my spine it depicts so well that poor little declawed cat having to cope with not only a brat of a kid who can treat it like a toy but with a nasty pitbull too.Who in their right minds thinks it’s a fair fight between the two of them?
    That dog will kill that cat without a doubt.
    The woman is a stupid big headed idiot who boasts she OWNS her pets so can do anything she wants to them.
    People like her should be banned from having ANY pet at all.

  3. Anybody who thinks their furniture has more rights than her cat is not only cruel and crazy but also thicker than a 2 by 4.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      You are so right Marc.
      The only way we can stop their cruelty is to get declawing banned but some people don’t want it banned, declaw vets don’t want it banned, but no matter how long it takes we won’t give up until it IS banned!

      1. I can’t believe she – in the face of all of your comments and info – has the audacity to behave like a total moron. She is the exact reason why I fear for animals. She actually puts her furniture before her cat. She said it in her own damn words. Disgusting.

    2. “Thick”, came to my mind too. It might be more about lack of ability to think. A lot of people don’t think.

      Marc, you are definitely a thinker.

  4. She should not be allowed a cat. She should buy a teddy bear or one of those robot cats. She’s disgusting. I’d love to give her a piece of my mind.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      She’s blocked everyone from making any more comments, she’s a lost cause for now, I had hoped she might in the future when getting a new cat feel a tiny iota of guilt at planning to have him mutilated and not do it, that hopefully the seeds we planted in her mind would have grown before then.
      But there may not be enough time because I very much dread that pit bull will kill the declawed cat she has now and we have failed the poor creature and she could just go out and get another cat as the next victim of her pig headed cruelty.

  5. It’s so hard to believe that even now there are still people justifying declawing and defending their right to mutilate their cats, after all that has been said and done they still cling to the old arguments and excuses, it makes me so angry. Contrast what this nasty woman said against some comments I was reading yesterday on an English cat rescue Facebook page which went:
    “George stop shredding the basket ~ who me? ” this was accompanied by a pic of a gorgeous ginger cat happily stropping away at a storage basket, then “He does it then looks at me as if taunting lol” both comments had loads of likes and then these replies came “They know its naughty. lol.” and “Behave George! But you are so cute, you may be forgiven” and “Haha xxx lol xxx my cat does that 2 but on the leather chairs in the dining room xx” and “Yep I’ve got settee arms ruined.” and
    “my cat loves doing it to leather as well, have to keep my shoes and handbags in the cupboard.” all accompanied by many thumbs ups. Can you imagine how different the comments would have been on a US site? e.g. “Oh my kitty can’t do that, he was declawed”, “oh bad kitty, evil kitty, scratching furniture and gouging eyes out!”, “Oh madam take him to be declawed it doesn’t hurt, in fact kitties love being declawed”
    I can’t think how this evil practice is going to ever be stamped out when there are such ignorant self opinionated people with their minds closed to all reason or argument, but cats don’t have nine lives, they have one and that precious life shouldn’t have to be lived as a cripple, surgically maimed by the one person the cat should be able to trust.

    1. Completely agree with you Babz. There is a mindlessness about what they write; a completely unthinking human orientated, possession obsessed world of their own that is so typical of the human. It is everywhere across the planet. The human is very self-interested and self-centred and the world revolves around him/her. There is no sharing of the planet with other creatures. A lot of people think like us, though, but apparently not enough otherwise the world would change.

      There was a nice story in the paper yesterday. The chicken is smart! True. They can think through things and are much smarter than people believe, which makes battery farming all the more unacceptable.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        How interesting Michael!
        I think all animals and birds are smart, but probably even smarter than the article suggested, after all how can anyone who isn’t a chicken know exactly how chickens think and feel, how can anyone who isn’t a cat know exactly what cats think and feel? Although we do have a better idea about their brains as they are very similar to ours.
        Yet animals are used and abused every day just as if they have no feelings or rights, it’s very upsetting 🙁

        1. True, we don’t know how smart they are. We are beginning to understand. But people make presumptions that all animals are stupid compared to them. It’s the human arrogance problem again.

    2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      I saw that about George and people joining in the comments accepting cats as cats just as we all should. Cats here are family, not possessions and that’s what we need to try to get pro declaws to start believing, but declaw vets stand in our way encouraging their clients to put themselves first and the cats welfare and health last.

  6. I crusade against declaw, educate people about the horrors of declaw, and speak of the alternatives of clipping, nail covers, and the various cat scratch furniture/fixtures available. I expose that I was once (10+ years ago) one of the ignorant and now I cringe with shame when I think of the cats (2) I put through that mutilation. Though sharing my experience seems to make a difference for most, there are still and always be some who don’t want to hear or acknowledge that animals have souls and feelings just like us.

    1. Hi Karen, I would like you to write an article (just leave a long comment and I’ll convert it to an article) about how you were transformed from a pro-declawer to a an anti-declawer.

    2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Good on you Karen, being a convert you really could help educate by writing an article for PoC, I hope you will 🙂 It’s all about saving cats claws in any way we can think of.

  7. Harvey Harrison

    I know what you mean. Well I think such a person who is unwilling to listen to reason will be capable of making a lot of mistakes, and that shows in the decision to de-claw. I wonder what else that person gets up to.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Hi Harvey, yes it’s so easy to trim cat’s claws but people like her can’t be bothered, they just get a vet to take away ‘the nasty sharp things’
      It’s frightening she has pit bulls as her pets too! I’d hate to know her in real life!

  8. This person seems to have a host of weird worries. I’ve not had to deal with such a person, and they seem that nothing will be convincing. From my only and very minor experience, I’d ask if the cat has cat furniture to claw. When I first got Tootsie, she tried out her claws on a few items- a cane chair, and the box springs. I’d bought her a corrugated cat claw item, but it was not a hit. Then, I got two cat towers (not so high- 2 1/2 feet) covered with carpet. Those she loved, and whenever she lit into them I’d tell her what a good girl she was, and even encouraged her to claw them (she took up that idea- she loves it). I know I’ve mentioned this in the past, and Michael pointed out that some cats are vertical “clawers”- Tootsie is, and I think that explains her lack of interest in the horizontal corrugated thingy. I find shed claw layers on and and around the tower, which I’ve collected.

    Not sure this adds much to the discussion, alas, because people of the mindset described in the article just don’t “get” cats.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      You are right VG, people like her don’t ‘get’ cats, they don’t even bother buying cat furniture, they have the kitten declawed very young and the evil vets who declaw, agree to do that even though declawing is supposed to be a last resort for serious scratching behaviour.
      That person shouldn’t have any pets in her home as she is obviously unfit to care for either cats or dogs but she thinks she’s an expert.

  9. Harvey Harrison

    Just regularly clipping the cat’s claws will go a long way towards solving all of the problems quoted by the de-clawing supporters. De-clawing to me is overkill, rather like pulling out your dog’s teeth so that it won’t bite anyone when there are less drastic measures available. What de-clawing boils down to is lack of consideration for the cat.

    1. But the try telling Them that, Harvey. They most likely won’t listen. I have a Friend. He won’t subject himself to any commentary. He dismissed it all, a long time ago.

      I respect everybody.

  10. The removal of that LAST digit, you human fools, and those of us who care, it is so, so wrong. Would you like your fingertips removed? so that you cannot type on a keyboard, or keypad?.

    1. “pro DECLAW?”genuflect, my POSITIOHk my potion, is this, you poor Fool. My cats… and I. We carwWould his> [exte= No. Do I need to circumFLEXT . We do not declaw. We do not GO DIRECTLY to jail.

  11. I’m wondering, where are our “Freunden?” our Friends? [how do you spell that in Anglo-Saxon, my Friends? Freundlich, Ja? Strangers? Ben (who is a Sweetheart, by the way– just misunderstood–because of his lifelong interpretation of a veritably misunderstood literature.

  12. The pro-declawer has a total lack of recognition of what she is doing. I think the root cause is that her philosophy is totally human orientated – human-centric. It all revolves around her and her possessions. Animals are to be used for her benefit on her terms.

    There is no reflection on the immorality of declawing or that a cat is a sentient being that feels pain and has emotions.

    Rings a bell. It is something I mentioned on Christianity and cats, I regret to say.

    I have to say I find it sad that there is such a gulf between us and this pro-declaw person. There is no convincing her. Never.

  13. Down, grrl. Down, down, down. Who are my Grrls? YOU are. ( I’m feelng a bit persecuted at the omnt, Ruth.)

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