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Pro-declawers Should Dethorn Their Roses — 28 Comments

  1. Thanks Rose, I think some pro declawers ARE crazy, I’ve come across some desperate to justify their cruelty even when they know the truth that it’s not ‘only’ the claw removed.
    Their attitude is ‘it’s MY cat and I can do what I want with it’
    A comment on another article I saw yesterday on a poll said ‘I had my cat declawed and its paws were only sore for a few weeks, it’s alright now’
    I wonder how that idiot would like sore feet for weeks? She had no idea what declawing means and wouldn’t take any notice of being told.
    Someone got so fed up of her stupidity and arrogance they wrote:

  2. Happy birthday Marc x
    Ruth I LOVE your poster and write up,it only takes a bit of thought to know you can’t live your life being frightened of sharp bits,it would drive you crazy alright.

  3. Where are you Marc?
    This was such a brilliant quote of yours! I hope you like what I did with it, thanks for your permission to use it.
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Marc
    Happy birthday to yooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Have a good day xx

    • Thank you Ruth 🙂 – I like your poster, I always do – I didn’t think of cactuses. Thankyou for the birthday wishes 🙂

  4. Thanks Ruth, an excellent poster, very thought provoking to advocates of “CAT DE-CLAWING”.I personally feel that people afraid of a cats claws should keep other pets other than a cat. The beauty of owning cats is their unique wildness and individuality which includes their claws, “Miniature Big cats” as pets.This is the main reason why many people like cats as pets including myself, they totally resemble and behave like “BIG CATS’ of the jungles.

    • Thanks Rudolph, you are so right, people afraid of cats claws should get a different sort of pet. True cat lovers like you and me and others here love each and every part of cats 🙂

  5. The poster highlights the craziness of cat declawing. I think North Americans who are in favour of declawing cats need to come to Europe for a while and look back at North America. They might see what declawing really is.

    • Might I suggest an edit?

      ~I think North Americans who are in favour of declawing cats need to come to Europe for a while and look back at North America. They might see what declawing really is.~

      • VG, I think that you are right on.. Let them spend their money on a trip to Europe–but they probably already do, whilst leaving their “beloved” felines at home, wondering what to do without any scratching post that can satisfy what THEY deserve! (somebody who knows about this subject in NA, go rescue them, while you have a chance, I mean that wholeheartedly. You cannot leave them behind while you take a luxury, thinking that you have done the right thing because you don’t want “your” cats touching anything? unless they are just purring for YOUR benefit? I hope that your best friend, for all you know -may be the one who steals your cats. Rightly so. You never ‘owned’ them in the first place. You should have been removed from YOUR “humble” domicile long ago if you think that you have a right to remove the knuckles on your “children.” Because that IS what you are doing. Think about it. They won’t even be on this site. We need to do something else, and I could really use your help, again, Ruth, Marc, all of PoC’ers everywhere.

        • Caroline you should write an article for PoC and we will share it, you may say something that no one else has said before, if you just write from your heart. Say how declawing makes you feel, how you love your own cats with claws. You CAN do it xx

    • Spot on Michael, the whole poster was designed to show the craziness of cat declawing, I’m so glad you saw the ‘point’ of it 😉

  6. Very funny poster, a brilliant way to get the message across, and of course it makes total sense to de-spike everything you come into contact with if you’re so scared of injury! Well said Marc and Ruth.

    • Thanks little sis, yes hopefully making the poster funny gets the message across about how stupid the excuses for declawing cats are.

  7. Yes Marc got it right, thank you Marc.
    Pro declawers really should stop and think about all the sharp things in every day life which could injure them, like the woman in the poster did, then they might just realise how wrong it is to fear a cat’s claws

    • You know how much I respect you, Ruth, but you don’t figuratively nor literally remove the thorns. Our cats ADORE them! (So do I. Rustled old respected roses for a long time–the ones with scent, remember? Just ask my good, revered friend, Mr. David Austin and the rest of us who rustle roses (sometimes, felines by our side in the old cemetaries! 😉 )

      • Wonderful poster, I won’t beautiful, but it what is: absolutely amazing, that you take the time and love to create such. Thank you.

        Do you remember me long time ago, bout Michael, climbing my leg? I always wore denim, cuz his claws were bigger than most, at makes me laugh so hard! I miss that little spotted-bellied mackerel ‘sphinx.’ 😀

        • I miss him so, so much. Michael, do you remember whe I told you that you jump from the kitchen flr to the top of the fridge? Waiting for his turkey and goat’s milk cream? Do you remember? I miss pouncing on him, and he on me, especially running up and down the stairs late at night, when my others cats were trying to sleep on my bed upstairs, …I’m sure their ears kept them awake alert, waiting for us to come to bed.! Bless him!

      • That’s the whole point Caroline, no one goes around removing the thorns from roses in case they prick them and that woman realises just how stupid she is to plan to remove her cats claws, she falls to the floor begging for mercy, promising not to declaw, just to stop her friend from making her look like the idiot she was to plan to do that.
        My posters all have a message if you look for it 😉

  8. Marc got this so right. It highlights how strange and illogical cat declawing is. It must be more than about claws and scratches. It is also about convenience and fear. Typical human stuff.

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