Psychology of the Internet Troll

This page (a) shows a video on the psychology of the internet troll and (b) provides a list of the identifying details used by Woodsman, the arch troller of cat websites.

If you have time, try and play this video twice to allow yourself time to digest it. It is a good video and it explains the mentality behind trolling. For me, trolling is a cowardly and sordid human activity based on a destructive mentality. It is based on anonymity which is why it is cowardly. PoC gets some trolling. Woody is the classic case.

I dislike a lot about the world. People know that. However, in response to that emotion I try and make things better rather than mess around, insult people and make things worse, which is what trolls do.

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If you own a website about cats and are fed up with Woodsman (Woody) or someone else trolling, the software on your site may allow you to block trolling by listing these parameters:

  • IP address (the number identifying your computer).
  • Email address.
  • Username (the name you chose to represent yourself online on some websites).

If you can block trolls on your site and want to block Woody here is a list of the above parameters used by this nasty person and/or his associates (we don’t know if Woody is more than one person):
Dale Carnagy
Bob Smith
Reality Bytes
Bob Smith

All you have to do is copy these en masse and paste them into your application. You can then either block Woodsman completely and make all his submissions “spam” or hold them for moderation (you’ll have to do lots of moderation like deleting a lot of it!).

Good luck.

Associated: Cat haters on the internet.

Note: there may be one or two IP addresses etc. that belong to other trolls in the above list but 99% are/were used by Woodsman.


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35 thoughts on “Psychology of the Internet Troll”

    • Hi Kitty Purr. “Nature Proponent” is Woody aka Woodsman001 aka Jim Stephenson (an ornithologist). He hates cats 🙂 Because they kill birds.

  1. I’ve found a few new aliases he uses. On the Disqus commenting system he uses the username “Nature Advocate” and “Nature_Advocate”.

  2. Hello Michael- new to your site when trying to find out who the nut job Woodsman was-!! Whew he is out there. I surely hope he gets put in jail soon with no computer access.

    A big thank you to everyone for outing him. Is there some way to get a weekly update on your discussions. If so please email me.

    Again thanks for all the work on this.


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