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Punching Dog: This Violent Man — 5 Comments

  1. Oh Micheal I didn’t mean PoC,you always do post about cat abusers,I mean places like face book the number of reports on dogs abused far outnumbers cats,I think because cats are not seen by so many people a lot of abuse of them is hidden and it’s not right.

  2. Sorry as I am for that poor dog why do we never see alerts for catching cat abusers,it makes it seem like everyone is sharing dogs badly treated and saying HOW CRUEL while cat abuse is swept under the carpet so to speak.

    • Hi Rose, I am not sure what you mean. There are tons of pages on PoC about cat cruelty. Cruelty to any animal is relevant to cat cruelty. The picture on this page is particularly striking. It needs to be spread around the internet to get out the message that animal cruelty is bad. That is all I am doing.

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