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Quiz About Cats Protection — 8 Comments

  1. Please take her quiz. Take your own. Just think for a moment what she has suffered. More than any one of us deserves 🙁

  2. I only got 61% but it was fun and the point is it promotes The Cats Protection league which is the point and a really great idea!

  3. I got 89% because I didn’t know they operate in Northern Ireland and I over estimated how many cats they have in their care at any one time. But now I know!

    Some questions that relate to neutering vouchers, health and welfare advice might be good to add too and encourage people to seek out those things from CP.

    I wish they’d advertise the neutering vouchers!

  4. Very good quiz Michael, I only got 89% as I got the numbers questions wrong first time.
    It’s good that we can learn more this way and your quiz will hopefully encourage people to visit the CP website too.

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