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Quotes on Declawing and Litter Box Aversion — 5 Comments

  1. This will be a very valuable article in educating about the cruelty of declawing, thanks Michael.
    I’ve shared it with the face book anti declaw groups as members often use my posters from there and all the quotes you have written on here must surely convince more people not to declaw their cats.

  2. So sad – its heartbreaking. A friend of a friend adopted a rescue cat – declawed front paws only – the cat bites the whole time and its a problem but they are not going to give up in him. They didn’t have him declawed. So awful. Bites everyday apparently very easily.

    • Yes it’s heart breaking Marc, that poor cat, I think I would cry a bath full of tears if I ever saw a declawed cat in reality, seeing pictures is upsetting enough.
      How can anyone be so cruel!

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