By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

More sad news from Kays Hill today. Etty suffered a massive fit last night and her life couldn’t be saved.

R.I.P Etty
R.I.P Etty. Poster by Ruth aka Kattadorra
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Her adoptive family must be devastated, but some comfort is that she had a happy time in her new home after having quite a tragic life.

When we first saw her she was hanging around outside hungry and very nervous and bad tempered, we couldn’t get close to her, we just had to put her a dish of food down and walk away.

We didn’t know if she was a stray or had a bad home as she only came around once a day.

Then one day she appeared to be walking very badly and as I approached her she growled and hissed and I saw she had on a huge thick studded dog collar and one of her front legs was trapped through it, I grabbed her before she could run away and we cut that horrible collar off with scissors.

Despite asking around we found no owner which was a relief really as they were obviously not fit to have a cat in their power, she could have been run over or savaged by a dog or abused by a cruel person when she was so helpless in that heavy collar.

She moved in that day with our ex neighbour and her rescue cats, at that time we were helping out there and although Etty grumbled and hissed and lashed out for months at all of us and all the other cats, she established her domain in the bathroom. She didn’t want to go outside at all in the cat run we built, she seemed content to have a warm bed and food. She would climb into her cat bed on a stalk and snooze for hours.

Sadly she ended up at Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary with the other cats of the family when our neighbour didn’t return home one day.

She was there for quite a while, then had the chance of a home, but it fell through because her prospective adopter was very ill and we thought her one and only chance had been and gone.

But Kays Hill worked one of their miracles and she was eventually rehomed where she settled in happily and enjoyed the remainder of her life.

We have no idea how old she was, she didn’t look to be very old when we first met her, it’s good that she eventually had some happiness in her life but sad that it was quite short.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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  1. She looks a sweet cat with a beautiful little face its so sad she had such a traumatic life one really does wonder what sort of person would put a heavy dog collar on a cat ;(. I am happy that she eventually saw out her days with the love of a wonderful family that she could call her own.


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