Ragdoll Appearance

Ragdoll Appearance
The Ragdoll appearance as a  heavily summarized CFA standard. Photo is strictly copyright Helmi Flick – text Michael @PoC. The cat is BLOSSOM LOVE STRUCK BABY SAGE.

This page is designed for people in a hurry and who want to skim the basic information about the appearance of this cat breed.

Key Facts
Date of Origin 1960s

This combo gift is based around Helmi Flick’s work.

Place of Origin California, United States of America
Ancestry Unclear but probably Persian “type” cat cross with Birman “type” cat.
Outcross breeds allowable None
Other name None
Weight range 4.5 – 9 kg or 10-20 lbs
Temperament Docile and relaxed as name suggests
Registered with CFA, GCCF, TICA and FIFe amongst others
Other The Ragdoll is one of the mainstream purebred cats in the top 10 of popularity.

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