Ragdoll Cat COWBOY Pictures

The Ragdoll is one the ten most popular cat breeds. This is because this is a large, laid back cat with gorgeous fur and a sweet expression surrounding diamond blue eyes. You can’t do much better in a purebred cat. The pictures by the talented Helmi Flick are  thumbnails so you can click on them to see large format versions.

The cat featured has particolor pointing. The pointing at the extremities has a white pattern within it. The breed standard has a lot to say about the placement and pattern of white on the particolor point.

A bit about the Ragdoll cat:

  • Eye colour: Blue only. Chine blue eyes.
  • One of the cat fancy’s largest cat breeds. Just behind the Maine Coon in size and weight, which is the largest (excluding wild cat hybrids).
  • A pointed semi-longhaired cat.
  • Tendencies to go limp when picked up. Hence the name.
  • A history that is difficult to understand. There are various versions.
  • The founder Ann Baker was a little eccentric and ‘franchised’ breeding of the cats. There was disharmony amongst the first breeders. The RagaMuffin is a splinter cat breed that was formed by a group of Ragdoll breeders unhappy with Ann Baker’s handling of the development.
  • Docile character.
  • Reaches full size and weight at four years of age. Substantial body type. Can reach 20+ pounds in weight.
  • Colour fully developed at two years of age.
  • Broad head shape.
  • Adult Radgoll may develop a ‘fatty pad’ on the lower abdomen.
  • Easy care, plush and silky coat. The coat is mat resistant.
  • Very popular cat. In the top ten, perhaps top five off all cat breeds in popularity.
  • Friendly cat. Affectionate. Love human company. Little interest in going outside – ideal for indoor living then. Although let’s not brand all cats with the same character. Cats are individuals with their own character.
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