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Ragdoll Cat With Her White Kittens — 4 Comments

  1. Beautiful mama cat 🙂 – I have just recieved news, my friend’s other mama cat had 3 kittens, one black, one orange and one white. I already warned her about sunburn on the white – perhaps though it will turn out to be pointed. I will go up there very soon and make sure they are all doing well and getting everything they need. The other mama has just one little black kitten that was born a week ago. Sadly both mamas had kittens already once in April. I have made it my second job after work to check up on these mamas and births and make sure they are all ok. They love me and I bring them proper nice wet food because I can’t stand to see them so drained from kittens and dry food. It’s actually very stressful for me and when I hear there is another litter my heart sinks. Such is life. After 2 years I can’t really say I like the friend who keeps letting this happen so much because I can’t get past the idea of her cats having things a bit better. At least they live in/outside and in a beautiful and safe place. The photo above is really nice, how beautiful kittens and mama cats are.

    • I agree, Marc, this Ragdoll is gorgeous looking. If she was a woman she’d be a much admired beauty 🙂 She looks quite slender for a Ragdoll. Raggies are normally a bit more cuddly and rounded. Perhaps it is the pose. It is a very good photograph. The photographer is a known good photographer on Flickr, a photo hosting website. And he should be thanked – thank you – for allowing people to publish his work under a creative commons license. The license he grants gives complete freedom to use the image. Excellent.

    • Hi Marc, I hope your friend makes the right decision to spay. The mama cats are fortunate to have you checking in on them.

      This photograph is stunning.


      • Dorothy, I’m not sure if you will read this since it’s a few days back now. I don’t think she will ever do it. It is a total sticking point for me and I can’t any more get past it. Ultimately she therefore annoys me and is less my friend. I am angry because I love her cats more than she does and after my day job I now have another job, which I must must do. I must go and check in on them and give them good food (her vet told her only dry is fine – argh) so they are strong for their babies. I am so angry at her irresponsible behaviour. I even try to go when she and her big loud dog are out so I can have quality time with the cats and kittens and play with them (she doesnt) and get them socialised so when adopted they dont go hide under the bed for 10 days in fear. I teach them humans can be nice and gentle. Most of her adopters and yuppies giving kittens to their kids – it makes me want to cry when I see them go. I always give them little bags of familiar foods and toys so them at least have that when they arrive in new homes. The whole thing is heart wrenching. Last year when the adopters came to collect I burst into tears because I was so attached to them and worried about them being happy and having good lives. If I push her too much with my philosophy on how to look after, and I have a fair bit already, then I fear I will no longer be welcome there. So I am remaining ‘friends’ so i can have access, which I do. She is happy I come see them and play with them and says I am welcome anytime. I would despair if I lost that. Hope you read this.

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