Ragdoll Collage

Collage: A word from the French verb “coller”, which means to glue. A collage is a “work of formal art, primarily in the visual arts, made from an assemblage of different forms, creating a new whole.”

Cat: An exquisitely created predator of the Felidae family of carnivores.

Ragdoll: The most relaxed cat of the purebred family of cat breeds.

Ragdoll collage

The cat is a near perfect animal companion for people and the Ragdoll is particularly well adapted to modern living as it is more suitable than some other breeds to full-time indoor living.

The domestic cat, purebred or otherwise is “self-cleaning”, discreet, generally quiet and snoozes whenever and wherever it can. In addition to all that the cat looks aesthetically pleasing. Many people keep a cat in part for that reason. Now, that is not a great reason!

A cat will always do what pleases it. They are independent creatures. And they let us see what the true wildcat is like because only a short step away when going into the garden and domesticity can fall away.

The domestic cat must always preserve that bit of wildness as it gives the cat its very essence. Let us beware that there is a possibility that we are changing the domestic cat’s personality over time.

A little bit of trivia about the Ragdoll cat: The Australians like this breed, it is said, because it is less likely to hunt their native wildlife. The Aussies like to pretect their wildlife despite the fact that what they do can destroy it! I am thinking of deforestation for starters.

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