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Rat Problem To Worsen After Hurricane Sandy — 3 Comments

  1. I think the big danger now as opposed to before is the likelihood of contaminated water. A lot of rats running around on cement and concrete was only a danger if you were bitten or scratched. If the drinking water can’t be kept pure everyone will be in trouble. With world travel the way it is now a contageous disease can make it across the ocean and infect another country in less than 24 hours.

  2. Lets hope cats dont suffer being trapped and poisoned. When I lived in Toronto – once time the garbage people went on strike for about 2 weeks and the whole city stank of it and there were many rats and cockroaches everywhere. It was awful. I heard about cats being poisoned by rat poison in particular near my house where people were dumping their garbage and the resident were putting rat poison. It was very sad indeed.

  3. An interesting post because were there are rats there should be an interest in cats.

    I sense that the most likely way to deal with rats is to poison them and in doing so community cats are liable to be poisoned too.

    Feral and community cats are a good controller of rat populations, I say. But I don’t believe anyone has done any research on this topic. Many people probably see rats and feral cats in the same light – as pests.

    But I see it differently. This is a chance to harness the feral or community cat to work for the community.

    The problem is how to manage that? Community cats probably do a lot of good for the community already in keeping rat populations down but it goes unrecognised.

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