Real Men Love Cats

“Real Men Love Cats” is a comment made by a viewer of this video on YouTube. She said the video brought tears of joy. The cat’s name is Gracie and she was “bought” for the other cat of the family whose name is “Sassy”. Sassy was feeling a bit down in the dumps because she had broken her foot as was in a splint.

This is a nice video because it does, sort of, buck the stereotypes. Although, I think the stereotypes are over-hyped. What I mean is the stereotype that men like dogs and are leaders of a pack of dogs. That sort of thing. There is no doubt in my mind that millions of men love cats and have a great relationship with their cat.

This little kitten seems to like his beard. I am not sure how old this kitten is. I hope, and presume, that Gracie was fully weaned before being taken from her mother.

Gracie has the classic Van type coat markings that the cat fancy says distinguishes the Turkish Van from other cats. However, it is not the only coat type for the Turkish Van. Certainly in Turkey they have all sorts of coat types. I am sure Gracie is not a pedigree, purebred cat. This sort of coat type is quite common.


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10 thoughts on “Real Men Love Cats”

  1. That was a joy to watch, at first I was straining my eyes to make sure the little soul had claws, which I’m sure I saw, what a kind and gentle man he must be, and yes I would call him a real man.

  2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    What a wonderful kind man, little claws and a furry body in his face don’t bother him one bit, he’s definitely my sort of man! ๐Ÿ™‚
    This cheered me up after seeing the other article with the video of the bully with the clothes peg.

    1. Me too Ruth I know a lot of men who love their cats my husband included and when he see’s a kitten his face just softens ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Ha ha it is Michael and to be honest I just couldn’t be with someone who didn’t love cats (well all animals for that matter).

  3. Harvey Harrison

    Nice video. Stereotypes are largely inaccurate I think. A great many of the important cat researchers are men and that’s where hard facts start to replace fancy and fairy tales. The Van pattern is a case in mind. the Van pattern is not what distinguishes a “Van” from other cats. Eye colour or coat markings have nothing to do with the underlying genes that make a cat. In any case the cat fancy Turkish Van is not even Turkish. It is a complex mix of European and American breeds with the Van pattern and longhair gene introduced during it’s creation or maintained from the original founding stock, if actually there were any Turkish founding stock. All bona fide Van-patterned SLH’d cats from Turkey so far have tested as Ankara kedisi the same as white Ankara Zoo Angoras. In reality the Turkish Turkish Van is a Turkish Angora.

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