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Real Men Love Cats — 10 Comments

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  2. That was a joy to watch, at first I was straining my eyes to make sure the little soul had claws, which I’m sure I saw, what a kind and gentle man he must be, and yes I would call him a real man.

  3. What a wonderful kind man, little claws and a furry body in his face don’t bother him one bit, he’s definitely my sort of man! 🙂
    This cheered me up after seeing the other article with the video of the bully with the clothes peg.

  4. Nice video. Stereotypes are largely inaccurate I think. A great many of the important cat researchers are men and that’s where hard facts start to replace fancy and fairy tales. The Van pattern is a case in mind. the Van pattern is not what distinguishes a “Van” from other cats. Eye colour or coat markings have nothing to do with the underlying genes that make a cat. In any case the cat fancy Turkish Van is not even Turkish. It is a complex mix of European and American breeds with the Van pattern and longhair gene introduced during it’s creation or maintained from the original founding stock, if actually there were any Turkish founding stock. All bona fide Van-patterned SLH’d cats from Turkey so far have tested as Ankara kedisi the same as white Ankara Zoo Angoras. In reality the Turkish Turkish Van is a Turkish Angora.

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