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  1. Monty and I were outside together from about six o’clock until it got dark just before eight. It was a much better use of my time than snoozing in front of the tv after work until it’s time for bed. I feel bad for all the companion animals who miss out on walks and outside exercise because their humans are too busy watching the boob tube all the time.

  2. The picture does look like the movie. I recognized it because as a kid I watched old movies all the time on our public television station, Channel 21 WHA-TV out of Madison, WI. They showed old movies all the time, many older than “Rear Window” but as a little kid I thought it was all new. They also had a Saturday morning lineup of old tv shows from the 1950’s to early ’60’s. I didn’t realize for a long time that George Burns on the Saturday morning show with Gracie was the same George Burns in the “Oh God” movies that came out in the 1980’s. The kids at school generally didn’t watch the old shows and movies. I’d try to talk about it and they wouldn’t know what I was talking about. We only had three networks and PBS, so if you didn’t watch the old shows on PBS there was just nothing on. Kids just had to go outside and play. In our old neighborhood my mom says she knows there are kids, but she only sees them get on and off the school bus. They never play outside.

  3. Great picture that, whoever managed to take it was very clever. I agree about blinds, especially horizontals, cats can easily get caught in them and, as for many indoor cats the window is where they look at life from, I think their safety should be considered as well as Rule 10. In our house we have vertical blinds but the bottoms of the slats are all free, we took the plastic chain & weights that held them together out so little heads couldn’t become stuck in them. You have to think “cat”.

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