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This is Dante. He is a stunning classic red tabby Maine Coon cat. Marc found Wendy’s website. Dante lives with Wendy and Wendy photographs Dante a lot, thankfully. He is extremely photogenic. As he lives in Canada, we get to see a red tabby Maine Coon against the crisp white snow. This makes for interesting photography. Textured white is a nice background for this cat.

Although Canada has quite hot weather too. It has four distinct seasons, which is something I like. We don’t get that so much in the UK.

“Dante was born at the Lacocoon Cattery in Lacolle, Quebec, Canada on January 15, 2002.Β  He is a classic red tabby Maine Coon currently weighing in at 21 lbs.Β  He is officially registered as “Lacocoon Dante”….(Wendy, his human companion).

Wendy is retired from initially working for the Canadian Federal Government and then lately Oracle Corporation. She lives in Ontario, Canada.

“Classic red tabby” means the tabby coat that results in swirls and blotches instead of spots. There is a little bit of white on the chin but this is normal for a red tabby. Wendy tells me that “The standard red classic is red fur against a cream background…” thanks for that Wendy.

I think the tabby coat suits a Maine Coon perfectly because it is the most common coat and Maine Coons come from moggie stock in Maine. Although we cannot call Dante’s coat common. It is very special.

Some people refer to “red tabby” as “yellow” or “orange’. It does not matter. You’ll find that cat breeders probably prefer “red” as it is a word that refers to the genetics more accurately.

As usual these are square formatted thumbnail images. If you click on them you’ll be taken to a fully formatted large image.

Please visit Wendy’s website to see some more of Dante. See a page on Maine Coon Cats. Or see a mini website on these cats.

8 thoughts on “Red Tabby Maine Coon Picture Gallery”

  1. Gorgeous boy is Dante πŸ™‚ – Wendy, if you are reading this, I am the lurker (from Switz) who left a comment not long ago, in the hopes of winning Dante’s calendar. I also used to live in Ontario for 8 years πŸ™‚

      • Hi Wendy, I lived in Toronto for about 8 years. I went to OCAD and finished my degree there and stayed on after. I really loved Canada. I visited Ottawa, it’s a lovely place, smaller than TO which I personally prefer. I did travel alot around Ontario, but as you know, it’s just so enormous I must have covered such a tiny amount. I love the great lakes – I particularly loved the islands along the top of lake Huron the ‘40,000 Islands’ I think they were known as. I loved the stars at night there. So beautiful. I miss the clear blue blue skies and the snow, although here in Switzerland we do get alot of snow in the mountains.
        I had a lovely long haired gray cat in Toronto who I picked up as a kitten from a nieghbour up the street who left a flyer for kittens.
        Yes, I am indeed Red Puff …it’s nice to meet you and Dante πŸ™‚


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