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  1. Great stuff! There is hope – California is usually the progressive state with regard to many things – or so i am told, and this story seems to display that pretty clearly. If it helps the shelter situation maybe other states will see it and want to do it as well. I doubt there is enough money in breeding to buy off politicians so that’s a major plus. Usually these things get crushed by money interests. I think breeds of cats are all beautiful and unique and should be appreciated (well except maybe the unhealthy ones) and yet I still think no single cat should be bred purposefully until there is space for that cat. It’s the only way.

    I’m not saying hobby breeders constitute any major impact on the situation but what they do is create the idea and the existence of breeds and then people like that idea – god forbid it even becomes fashionable to have a certain breed – so in that sense there is no room for breeders in an area where there are too many existing cats. People should not have the choice of deciding what breed they want. Actually there is so much variety in the shelters what is the point of this deluxe ability to choose a cat which basically has papers to prove itself rather than a very similar or same kind of cat who has no papers. If there’s a kind of cat you like, go searching around the shelters and you will find one. You can always leave a note to be contacted when one comes in. One shouldnt be able to shop for cats of certain breeds out of catalogs, its just not right in a place where there are so many suffering animals already.

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