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Reunited With Your Cat — 8 Comments

  1. As one of my girlfriends said “Scarlett (adopted us 10/040)knows where she lives, is loved & well fed” after she was missing over 12 hrs. Indeed they do & also are able to tell if you’re a cat lover or not, they prefer to pick their owners not vice versa.
    SE Arizona (USA)

  2. I love the 2 stories with happy endings and the lady saying ‘I have everything in the world now’ says it all, living creatures are worth far more than any possession we might own.
    I very much admire the people who go to rescue animals caught in disasters.
    The joy on that little boy’s face was lovely too.
    Late one night we found a cat in our garden and Babz thought she recognised the fact that he was wearing a purple collar, she went off along the street to look in the Pet Shop window at the lost and founds and sure enough ‘Chukkie’ had been missing for around a month from about a mile away from where we live, he had crossed busy roads and survived somehow. The people came to collect him that night and we were all in tears of joy when they confirmed he was their cat.
    Next day they came back with a thank you card and bouquet of flowers for Babz.
    What were the chances of him ending up in our garden out of all the gardens here and Babz remembering his description!

    • Lovely little story of a reunited family. I found the the woman’s words very touching too. So true and poignant. We should remember them always. The real things that make like better are not “possessions”.

  3. Our local Humane Society chapter sent out a team of volunteers in the aftermath of the Joplin, Missouri tornado disaster. It was reported that about 90% of the dogs and cats recovered alive were unaltered and about 95% were not microchipped. This is heartbreaking.

    • These figures are very surprising and bad. I thought the vast majority of cats were neutered. Microchipping seems not to have taken off as a concept.

    • This is terrible – 90% unaltered. You might expect this in a third world country because they don’t have the vets or money or something but in the US where you can get it done cheap – is just sad and pathetic.

  4. I have seen these videos before. I would also be extremely emotional either way. What a huge relief to find your cat. I mean a cat is more likely to run and hide – it’s against all odds to find your cat in a disaster zone full of people and debris everywhere. It’s very sad to think of all the cats out there now cowering in fear in the mess – scared of the people and alone. If only they knew the people would help them. It’s hard with cats in this situation.

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