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Review: Bergan Turbo Scratcher vs Hagen Senses Play Circuit — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Elisa,

    Good choice of cat toys to review and compare.

    We’ve had a few similar products over the years and they have all been above average hits with our cats.

    I like that you included videos in each and I agree with your assessment of the Bergan.

    The Hagen looks good and it’s possible the I might get it for the cats some day.

    But I can tell you from personal experience that nothing similar has been as good as the Bergan Turbo Scratcher.

    The Bergan is one of the all time best cat toys to ever hit the market and certainly the best toy of that type.

    A sure telltale sign is that it gets daily use by them all.

    They use it as a scratch pad, a toy, and to lounge on every day. It’s a three things in one combo.

    Michael – our cats never get tired of it. It gets daily use. You definitely want to get one.

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

  2. Elisa, do you find that your cats go back to these games after using them for the first time? What I mean is are these toys useable for years or do they get put away somewhere never to be seen or used again after a few weeks use?

    • They’ve never tired of the turbo scratcher. The ones who don’t play still like to sit in the middle and groom their claws. I have a video on MySpace showing 4 kittens sitting around it playing together.

      I’d like the new toy if the tubes were clear so the ball could be more visible.

      There’s also a new toy out that shoots a laser beam either on the floor or up a wall. I had debated on whether to get it until I read of cats getting curious and going right up to the laser and staring at it. That could really harm the eyes so I decided against that one.

    • Happy New Year! I want the Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher with the lighted ball. The regular scratcher has been played with by almost every cat to come thru here.

  3. Cats just love cardboard scratchers that’s what I know. Here in Europe we can’t get any of the big sized ones so they just move around when your cat scratches on them. Having said that to have one in the middle of a trackball might be great – I can imagine it would be. I have a similar round trackball but in the middle is a mouse on an elastic. The circal trackball part is very similar. The only problem with it is that it moves around too easily but then I don’t have carpets so that must really add to the issue. If it stayed still I’m sure it would be more of a hit. From what I understand you don’t have the same problem of it sliding around? Trackballs are great and I want to get the green figure of eight one but they don’t yet have it here where I live. We only just got nip nanners and cigars. Just like with hollywood movies we are behind. With cat toys and products I’d say by about a year or more. I still wish we could get those huge cardboard scratcher throne/bed/lounges for them to scratch and sleep on. Cats just seem to love those things but alas they aren’t available out here yet. If there is something I would suggest getting it would be one of those from what I have understood about them. And I have seen for myself how much they love to claw on honeycomb cardboard from the tiny scratchers we get here. Well, I can dream can’t I… 🙂

    • The turbo scratcher does slide but not too bad. And the cats don’t seem to mind the sliding. We have tile throughout the house. Sometimes I get the urge to put velcro on things to keep them in place. I have more of a problem with the new toy having a ball that’s not easy to spot.

      Lola loves the scratching pad in the middle of the turbo scratcher. Plus the cats like to sit on the pad and hop in circles as they attack the ball.

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