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Review of Fresh Air Premium Cat Litter By Pet Loo — 12 Comments

  1. I have been using this litter for some time but it has been a long process finding a solution that would make it work for more than a couple of weeks. I too have had the problem that it just won’t dry out and the smell becomes overwhelming and it is ammonia. I scoop the poop as soon as I see/smell it but the ammonia smell is quite strong unless the litter is dry. The pad gets soaked long before two months has passed and I haven’t been able to get it to work for more than a month tops. To make that work, I have been using a disposable litter box that is biodegradable. The bottom is the right size for one pad and it is bigger at the top with the sides tapering down. It works great for the first two weeks then I find I have to “turn” the litter because below the surface it remains wet. By the fourth week it just stinks. So I’ve been switching out the pad by dumping the litter into an old litter box and putting in the second pad that comes in the big box. Problem is, now that the weather is colder, the litter isn’t drying out as well as it did during the summer. Bottom line is that this product has a ways to go to live up to what Petloo claims. It certainly does not last as long as they say.

  2. I was excited to try Fresh Air. I filled one of my litter boxes with Fresh Air (we have two cats and three boxes).After 2 weeks the litter did not smell of ammonia but of pee. It was weird. Not like a cat but more like if a kid had wet a mattress alot. My cats loved the litter but the smell was bugging me. I called the company and we determined that I must have put the pads in upside down (my box had no directions but I still felt foolish!). They were very kind and sent me a replacement box to try again. With the pads in right I still had the same smell in two weeks! I’m so disappointed. It didn’t track, my cat loved it, and the customer service was exceptional but for $31 every two weeks I’ll have to continue my life long search for the perfect kitty litter! Next up-Stall Dry.

    • Hi Marina. Thanks for your useful input from first hand experience. I am disappointed that the litter didn’t really do it for you. It seems to be quite good but not good enough for the price.

  3. Thanks, David, for the additional information. I was trying my best to describe what the litter was like, and your information about Zeolite was very interesting. I was thinking it was similar in texture to Lake Michigan beach sand as opposed to the bigger granules of Wisconsin River sand, but that wasn’t really going to describe it for most readers. Now that you mention the volcanic origin, I can really see that about it. And it is non-toxic, since Monty felt the need to taste it! I’m glad you have a cat who digs in it to describe how the product performs in that circumstance. Monty seems to like digging only in litter with larger granules. Not that I’m complaining. I realized during the test that I could fool him by just stirring the litter around and then it dried out more quickly, rather than actually scooping it out. It was quite funny, the look he gave me, when he entered the box and I was standing nearby but not scooping out the wet spot from his previous visit. I still would like to see the pad made of 100% biodegradable material. I already feel badly about buying bottled water, but at least bottles can be recycled. The pad with its plastic backing is ending up in a landfill. That would be the only change I’d like to see– otherwise, as you say, it seems to be the perfect litter. I know that my husband, who has a sense of smell, definitely appreciated it. As a person deficient in that area, I don’t see what all the fuss is about litter box odor, because it doesn’t bother me in the least, ever!

  4. Hello Pictures of Cats community.

    I was one of the very first users of Fresh Air premium cat litter by Pet Loo. The development team at Pet Loo valued my input and the input of all of the consumer testers and in my opinion have the created the best litter ever.

    It seems you had a very positive experience as well.

    I noticed a few bits of information in your review that were not 100% accurate about the product and I have a few suggestions for you and the PoC community that will improve your experience using Fresh Air litter.

    Fiirst of all, Fresh Air litter is made from Zeolite and not sand. Zeolite is a al natural, inert volcanic mineral. It’s texture and look is very much like sand..which my cat just loves, but Zeolite is way better than sand and or clay in so many ways.

    1. Zeolite does not get sticky or pasty like clay, it holds it’s shape. It also does not stick to the side of the box or to your cats feet. I also had zero tracking of the litter out of the box like you did with Monty.

    2. Zeolite does not contain any silica dust like sand and is 100% safe for cats. Silica can be very harmful to the lungs of humnas and pets. Zeolite is 100% safe and is even used as an ingredient in cat and dog foods as well as pet supplements.

    Smething I discovered as I tested the litter was that I could give up scooping clumps. You mentioned that you had very little poop odoor and urine odor. You were concerned about Monty returning to a wet box. I found that when I left the box set it dried out within an hour. I also discovered that I could stir around the wet litter with my scoop and that the moisture would seeem magically disappear. The bacteria is not an issue because thencarbon pad prevents it from growing. I had 100% success simply removing the poop daily and it was usually dry when I removed it.

    My cat is a digger and I noticed no dust when he was trying his best to “dig to China” I also was not concerned at all if any small particles flew in the air because Zeolite is inert and already fed to pets.

    In short, I had no dust, no tracking and only had to remove the poop daily which was usually dried up and had almost no smell. my cat loves the texture and I love how safe and easy it is to maintain Fresh Air Litter. I also like that Zeolite is used as a soil amendment and thus poses no problem for the landfills or environment as a whole when disposed of.

    I have found it at Petco.com for $21.99 for the 9 lb size and $31.99 for the 14 lb size. I think you can buy it direct from Pet Loo off thief website as well.

    I hope my info is helpful to the PoC community. I have found my litter for life…Fresh Air litter.

    In conclusion, I had no odor, no tracking , and my cat loved the texture and took to the box right away.

  5. The odor control pad seems like a good and safe idea for any litter. It can’t be breathed in or ingested, therefore it can only help to a greater or lesser degree. I have never heard of something like that before. It seems like a great idea. I also like the no tracking around the house which I guess is due to it being sandy. Unfortunately my 3 are diggers. One of them will dig for a long time after. So it being sandy is a little worrying from a dust point of view albeit non toxic. I always picture cats outside digging hole in the earth and wonder just how that would work inside. Could one just grab some regular soil.The problem would be muddy feet I suppose and perhaps door. But earth from outside is much more disposeable so you could just replace the whole lot once or twice a day.

    Anyway thanks for the review Ruth. I’m going through a bit of a period of litter consideration and engineering as it were. I’m currently using the silicon crystals which are great for so many reasons. But I dont like the dust and the buildup at the bottom. They track it around a bit too. I’d be interested to know if you will stick to it, or if not, what you will go on with in the end.

    • Marc, have you tried wood pellet litter? I always preferred it for odor control and general health. It does not clump but I learned to deal with that.

    • I tried to create an outdoor “litter box” area for Monty because I got tired of him pooping in the middle of the yard when he and I have our outside time together. I used a rake and dug up a nice area of dirt over by the shed, and Monty did use it, but dirt gets really hard again if you don’t keep loosening it up. I don’t think actual dirt from outside would work in an indoor litter box, Marc, and even if it did the tracking would be a nightmare. I grew up in an area where all the soil was sand, which does stay a lot softer. Our cats really enjoyed going outside up there, because it is easy to dig in the sand. But as David commented below, Pet Loo is actually safer if your cat inhales it than if he would inhale dust from actual sand. And sand wouldn’t control odors at all.
      After I moved to this area, where the soil is actual black dirt or clay, I fell on my butt one evening as I stepped onto the shoulder of the road when a car was coming. My friends were laughing, like, “Why did you step in the slippery mud?” But wet sand isn’t slippery! I’d never seen actual mud, because all my life everything was just sand everywhere. Our kitties really loved it, but it took years and years of composting for my mom to be able to have a really decent garden.

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