Reviewing Instinct Raw Frozen Diet for Dogs and Cats?

Would you like to review this cat food for PoC?

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In the meantime, has anyone tried Instinct Raw Frozen Diet cat and dog food? It is an American product and may have been around for a while but I have only just bumped into it. It is the kind of cat food I have been looking for, for a long time. I suppose you can just buy raw frozen chicken but it is not the same. This manufactured cat food is specially prepared raw cat food. Things are added to it to make it balanced.

The bones are crushed (raw ground chicken bone). In fact there is a lot of strange but no doubt healthy things in it such apple cider vinegar (Elisa uses this for medicinal purposes) and blueberries (why are blueberries in it?). I should know, I guess.

The product comes in “medallions” or small chunks in plain English.

I am pleased to see this cat food on the market. This is the mainstream pet food market. Raw cat food is considered on the fringe. For some time I have advocated a raw cat food diet but there are dangers in making it up yourself. A lot of people don’t have the time or skills to get it right. There are distinct dangers too, with the possibility of bacterial contamination. You have to handle with care and common sense thawed raw chicken or other meats that have been frozen. Chicken goes off fast for instance.


For this reason Nature’s Variety® provide some interesting and fairly tight instructions for its use such as:

  • Washing your hands before and after handling the food. This is too avoid transference of bacteria to the food and from the food to perhaps raw food for people.
  • This cat food is ideally served slightly chilled having been defrosted in the fridge.
  • Precautions need to be taken to avoid cross-contamination in the fridge.

I would be very pleased if someone could report on it. It seems to be very high quality and closely matches the ultimate in cat food: a mouse. It comes in various meat types such as duck and beef as well as chicken.


Expensive! it cost $40 for 3 pounds on Amazon at the date of this post. It is $0.74 per ounce. How do Amazon ship frozen products by the way?

How does this compare with conventional highly processed cat food usually made from waste meats etc. essentially?

Well Fancy Feast Gourmet (Purina®) cost $0.19 / oz. This is a good cat food of the conventional kind. It gets a good Amazon rating. The Instinct raw frozen diet costs almost 4 times as much. So there you have it.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Frozen Raw Diet for cats and dogs is very expensive compared to the usual kind of cat food we buy. But is it actually that expensive in an absolute sense?

Testing It – A Review

It is the kind of cat food cats should eat. It may improve a cat’s health or help prevent the development of health problems. I don’t know. Bengal cat breeders say that raw cat food improves their cats’ poo 🙂

I wonder if Ruth could buy some and try it out on Monty? PoC would be pleased to purchase it on Amazon and have it sent to Ruth.

If Ruth can’t do it does anyone want to try? PoC will place the order. All you have to do it see how you cat likes it and write 25 lines on the experience. You can email me your article.

Please leave a comment if you’d like to do this.

4 thoughts on “Reviewing Instinct Raw Frozen Diet for Dogs and Cats?”

  1. This is exactly the kind of thing I have been wanting for ages! I think its got to be worth the extra money. I’d be glad to test it on my cat and kittens. But regardless I am glad you pointed it out since I am going to see if I can get it sent to me here in Switz. I know alot of things on Amazon can’t be gotten here for various reasons – not being EU I guess is one for sure. But I think food is ok – I will go and check. Thanks for pointing it out. If you want a tester and 25 lines based on 3 cats I can do it no problem.

  2. Might be better to have Dorothy have a go at this one with her cat Marvin as the tester. If it comes in medallions that Monty has to rip apart with his teeth he won’t eat it and your money will have been wasted. I tried the raw food on him, since Elisa recommended it, leaving the meat on the bones so he could rip it off the bones and get his teeth cleaned in doing so. Monty’s such a little glutton that I was sure he would relish the treat. He licked it, looked at me and walked away. Monty’s food comes to him in shredded up or at least in bite size pieces. That’s what he’s used to. My husband says he is lazy. Probably true, but he can afford to be lazy.
    The other day my husband said, “Monty wants to come in the basement with you, open the door.” I said, “It’s open, he just has to pull it with his paw.” Jeff said, “He’s not doing it, he’s just sitting there meowing for you to open it.” I know for a fact he opens the basement door by himself other times, when I am not there. So long as I am there, he can be lazy. He will never eat this raw food if it’s not all cut up in tiny pieces, he will just stare at me waiting for me to chop it up for him. No, thank you! I’ll bet Marvin knows what to do with raw food and will love the treat.

    • OK – got the message! Charlie is a bit like Monty. By the way I think locking the cat flap (door) and keeping out a couple of strays is helping his OCD. He still over grooms but he is not licking his coat down to the skin and worse. Fingers crossed he progresses.

  3. If Ruth doesn’t give it a go, I think Marvin would be an excellent tester. I am feeding him Weruva canned food right now. The cost is $1.20 a tin of 3 ounces, or $.40 an ounce. The problem with products like fancy feast is the animal bi-products, wheat gluten and artificial flavors. I’ve tried many expensive brands that tout “human grade” formula that the cats won’t touch. Not one bite. I’m not sure how Weruva does it, or what they put in it that makes it so irresistible to all the cats except Bigfoot who will only eat dry food.



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