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Romanian Animal Welfare Sucks. Discuss — 4 Comments

  1. This is awful. France has a huge problem with Romanians – I won’t go into to detail but lets just say they abuse the whole French system repeatedly and all the while taking money France doesn’t have to solve the problem. Wasn’t the horse meat from Romania? Anyway I agree it’s awful and something should be done about it. What are the Eurocrats thinking. It’s harder every day to trust the people who are running things.

    • The Eurocrats have messed up. There first priority appears to be themselves. So many mistakes. It is distressing to know that in a European country that is in the European Union we have rampant animal abuse, weak animal welfare law and ineffective enforcement. Shocking,

  2. My concern is the likelihood of the abusers moving and integrating into a nation of animal lovers what impact will this have? This really worries me:(
    I know about the mistreatment of animals there because my friend has adopted a dog and is always highlighting the plight of others on FB. She is thinking of adopting another.

    You are right Michael how can we a nation of animal lovers be expected to tolerate migrants from a country that treats animals like this?

    I know there are a lot of good people from there but surely most of them will be economic migrants?

    Excuse me if I appear ignorant of such matters however I am just airing my concerns.

    • I am not against Romania being part of the EU – when they are ready.One of the ideas behind joining the EU is to force applicants who want to join to raise their game on all manner of issues including animal welfare.

      However, this has no happened. So when skilled Romanians come to the UK and other countries they remove their skills from their home country where they are required. This will make animal welfare worse not better.

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