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Royal Canin Involved in Bear Baiting — 19 Comments

  1. …and we also talked about cat games on tablets/ipads – if it were video you would see how rough they are trying to attack it – these aren’t my cats:

    • I don’t believe this picture. I didn’t realise that cats can be as addicted to tablet computers as humans 😉

      Must be a very cat friendly game. Great picture. It has given me an idea for an article.

      • The reaons I bought the tablet was for the cats. I only did it because I saw how crazy they went for my fairly large samsung phone – every evening we’d have a play with the phone session so I eventually just got the tablet and they seem to love it. They don’t get tired of it – there are certain games they like better of course but they each a bit have their own taste for games too.

    • Damn. Cats are getting better at computers than some people. I can see how you have used technology to the max. to improve the lives of your cats. Love to see it.

  2. Hi Marc. Lovely kittens. Sadly I no longer have any solid black cats. My last one Kerim disappeared 2 months back without leaving a trace, and a black long haired tom who I called Midnight also vanished before I could even adopt him a several years ago. Black seems to be an unlucky colour – for the cats themselves, not people.

  3. This is Jasmine. Her mother Minos is from the Ankara Zoo who I think is now past it. So I see Jasmine and her half sister Fatima as central to my original Turkish Angora conservation program, at least on paper, because my other cats tested even purer Ankara kedisi than Minos. Here is Sorpresa, one of Jasmine’s daughters.

    • Thanks for that information, Ruth. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had turned a blind eye to it and as for Royal Canin’s animal testing policy, I am not sure about that either. I am very cynical about the ethics of big business. I bet that if we revisited this particularly problem in a years time nothing will have changed.

      • I don’t think any of them give a damn about anything except profit – anything they do well is simply done to look good in order not to lose customers. If they raised welfare standards it’s because they think they should to keep well with public opinion so sales and turnover continue going at a high rate.

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