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Russian Blues of Russia and America — 5 Comments

  1. Late August 1976 we had the privilege of being adopted by a young cat (4-5 months old) he was different than most cats, our motto is to take new member to vet, we learned that Keke was in fact a purebred American Russian Blue, a gorgeous male with striking green eyes. He adopted my husband & would take showers ONLY when Frank was taking one (perched on shoulder, wish I had taken pics).
    Enjoyed riding in cars/trucks, if Keke found an open window he’s sneak in, not surpringly scaring driver out of wits, chased large dogs (esp Dobermans) but terrified of birds, sadly our green eye American Russian Blue succumbed to renal failure & was PTS early October 1988, twenty four years later, we still miss him & his antics:
    Taking showers with my husband but only with him. Playing with water hose so someone would turn it on for him, riding as a king on hood while my husband drove about 5 mph around local shopping center.
    Southeast Arizona (USA)

  2. Hi

    We had a beautiful Russian Blue called Dakota, which means taken as a friend. We lost him at 13 years of sge along with his other sibing pet family in a fire Dec. 11/10 which was sad for us as we had him since he was a baby and of course, losing all our other babies. He was a handsome boy indeed All our baby pet picture were also lost in the fire but he will always be in our hearts.

  3. The Russian one in the photo looks rather like a couple of burmese cats I know in Finland. Finland is right next to Russia I suppose. May its just sa random observation. I do prefer the look of the Russian one. They are both nice but the Russian one is a bit more special looking with those far apart ears. Cat breed standards are probably about as wierd as what people who run modeling agencies talk about as standards for humans. It’s all rather unattractive and weirdly objectifying to value animals according to sets of physical standards which are purley fabricated according to human preference and, dare I say it, fashion even.

    • Agreed. For me too there is something very odd and frankly not that pleasant about describing a cat’s anatomy in these ways and then trying to sculpt a cat into that shape through selective breeding. From what I can tell Russians have different ideas about cat breeding to Americans.

      I have always found the language of breed standards hard to comprehend. They are written for breeders, insiders. They should be written for everyone.

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