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Sad Cats Look Sad. Discuss — 7 Comments

  1. I think he looks like he is confused as to why humans are so stupid. Sort of like the look on Monty’s face when I separated him from the chipmunk he was tormenting and deposited him (Monty) inside. Why would anyone do such a thing? I wasn’t done yet. Why won’t mom let me play unsupervised outside? Why is she still sitting there ignoring me? Monty had a rough day. Like the little guy in the picture, I imagine.

    • It could be anxiety or stress but cats are varied and unique and have many different ‘looks’. I do believe they have expressive faces though. If this cats was sleepy it would not look sad. If it’s eyes were not wide open it would likely not look sad. There is ‘sad’ element in the looks on cat’s faces but this is just us I think. It’s like never sadness even if it is a genuine expression of the moment, it’s probably another emotion like hunger or stress or even excitement. British shorthairs often look like grumpy teddy bears but I doubt they are grumpy. It’s just us humans who interpret too quickly. A longer closer look reveals something else in most cases.

      I agree – the cat is thinking “will this human ever go away”.

  2. I don’t know if the cat is sad or not but the poor thing looks half starved to me and I think a damn good meal would cheer the poor little soul up no end.

  3. As a cat’s brain is very similar to a human’s brain it may be that their facial expressions are similar too.
    The big eyes of the cat in the picture certainly look like the cat is about to shed tears of sadness.

    • I know what you mean. My argument is that we have to be careful. It does not mean this cat is not sad or anxious.

      We don’t really know. We just have to make sure we don’t anthropomorphise cats.

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