Sad Ragdoll Cat?

This is a bit of a strange title. It is a risky title. I could be wrong. How can we tell if a cat is sad? Do cats show their emotions? Some people would even say that cats don’t have emotions. They are wrong, of course, but it can be tricky to see sadness and happiness in a cat’s face. It is not that difficult though to see depression in a cat’s face and demeanor. Depression in a cat is often caused by illness.

People can project their emotions onto their cat. They can anthropomorphize their cat.

Her name is Phoebe. Just look into Phoebe’s eyes for a while and have a good look at her face and see if you agree with me. I won’t mind if you disagree or think I am a mile off the mark. It might not be slight sadness that I see but a bit of anxiety or stress.

Sad Ragdoll cat Phoebe
Sad Ragdoll cat Phoebe?
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If I am correct, I have no idea why Phoebe might be sad. I have no reason to suspect that she is ill. What may have happened is that Phoebe was a little upset at being taken to a cat show and photographed. I am guessing by the way that the photograph was taken at a cat show because Helmi’s photographs are often taken at cat cat shows.

Not that I am the world’s most experienced cat fancier, far from it, but cat shows might become a bit tiresome for cats after a while. The journey to a cat show might be upsetting and then the noise of a cat show etc might disturb some cats. Cat shows are quite noisy because they take place in barn-like places with high ceiling and had floors.

Phoebe is a mitted Ragdoll, with white fur interrupting the dark pointing on the face and feet. The Ragdoll is a pointed cat and similar in size to the Maine Coon, although on average slightly smaller.

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4 thoughts on “Sad Ragdoll Cat?”

    1. That is a nice observation, Dan. I think she does want the photo session to be over. So not quite sadness more fed up!

  1. I say she’s more aggravated than sad, but being a good sport about it all. She’d rather be napping! That’s my take on the expression on her cute face.


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