Suave Marv Revels in his Rug

In his own inimitable style, Marv in suave. Marvin lives with Dorothy in California and although he is very much an individual with his own opinions, ideas and lifestyle, he has one thing in common with almost all cats: a favorite rug.

Marvin likes his rug
Marvin Likes His Rug. Photos by dw.
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Marvin supports my thoughts about cats and rugs. There is a definite attraction from one to the other. Sauve and confident Marv might be, but he cannot escape from his basic instincts; to roll around a rug and try and tear it apart.

It is a particularly nice rug, in a particularly nice house in beautiful California. You know why California is beautiful? The sunshine, and, of course, the 8 cites that have banned declawing. That does it for me.

Marvin is a red mackerel tabby. Is he a mackerel (striped) tabby? Well I am not sure. He looks like it in one photo but not another. However, he is certainly red and certainly a tabby cat and he likes Daisy a sweet dog who lives in the same home.

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6 thoughts on “Suave Marv Revels in his Rug”

  1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Marvin is absolutely gorgeous, I want to kiss the top of his furry head lol has he got very soft fur?
    He reminds me of Murphy, one of the 15 abandoned next door to us, he’s a really placid boy and has almost human eyes, he was one of the lucky ones and has a very happy home now.
    I also love the sound of California and if ever I had come to the USA that’s the place I’d have liked to go.
    We tend to hang on to things that our cats love too Dorothy, our rug has seen better days but as long as Jozef loves it, it stays.

    1. Yes Ruth, his fur is very soft. Big tough buy that he is, when you pick him up, he sinks into you and appreciates the cuddle time. I’ve never know such a cuddly cat. He is a clown too. He just loves life.

  2. Marvin’s own page! Thank you Michael. You are the best. I will get a picture in good light to show you Marv’s lovely markings. I think you can call him a mackerel tabby, but you would know best. That carpet has seen better days! But it is his to have his way with. Forever. He spends more and more time in the house. He is one amazing cat.

    1. Yay Dorothy – I love ‘Suave Marv’ – such a great looking boy. It’s great to see some pics of him ๐Ÿ™‚ He clearly likes a good rug too. I see he has 2 the same. Lucky guy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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