Saying “Ailurophile” (and origin)

This exceedingly brief video shows you how to say ailurophile. I can say it now but I still have difficulties spelling it. It is meant be a bit of fun. I first encountered a very similar word when I wrote a page about the fear of cats. The word for that condition is “ailurophobia“. A person who is frightened of cats is an ailurophobe. In fact, the full definition of ailurophobe is a person who fears or hates cats. Perhaps a fear of something automatically results in a hatred of it. The adjective is ailurophobic  – “Woody is ailurophobic” 😉 and the noun is ailurophilia – “When she was ten she developed ailurophilia“.

I could have created an audio file and embedded that in the page but I found it too technical. Adding sound to a video and using the video as a vehicle for the sound it easier. A video also gave me the chance to show off one of the world’s best know ailurophiles. A word of warning: don’t try and type the word, just copy and paste it! It is so much easier and safer that way.

What is the origin of the word?

The first bit of the word comes from Greek: ailouros meaning “cat”. I am told that the first known use of the word was in 1914. So, this appears to be a fairly recently created word.

The second half of the word is “phile”. This comes from the Latin word philus and the Greek word philos meaning “dear” or “beloved”.

Writing this page was a chance to educate myself. The question is do I change the header to the site to something like: Ailurophiles in Action! I don’t think so but it is fun to think of uses for the word.

The featured ailurophile in the video is, you have probably guessed, Kattaddorra (Ruth).

16 thoughts on “Saying “Ailurophile” (and origin)”

  1. Now why on earth would “Woody” allow someone’s cat to sit in his lap and even scratch its ears if he was afraid of cats? Lie much?

    • So why does he want cats dead if he supposedly loves them?Someone who loves cats doesn’t shoot them.
      Allow a cat to sit on his lap,is the cat supposed to be priveleged to be allowed,are we supposed to be impressed?

    • You miss the point again. He doesn’t just fear them but he hates them because he shoots them by the hundreds and thousands, he claims. Only a cat hater could do that.

  2. Education 🙂 It’s all wonderful and gives us something to smile about! I say lets now be known as ailurophile’s 🙂

  3. I love being an ailurophile now I know what it means roflol I thought it was something rude as well Barbara and yes you are a one too,you and your sister are if ever anyone was you two are.

    • I like that Rose,

      Piles and hammyrods I am not so keen on :-)I remember the treatment for those narsty things being requested in a sibilant whisper a few times during my pharmacy assistant days, and it’s amazing how many folks can’t pronounce suppositories.

  4. Ailurophile, what a wonderful word, I vaguely knew of it but would never have spelled it or pronounced it correctly and now I find I have a sister who is a famous ailurophile, sounds a bit rude haha, I think it’s the “phile” that makes it so. So now she will have to say “Hello, my name is Ruth and I’m one of the world’s best known ailurophiles” what a lovely accolade and well deserved. I think maybe I’m a bit of a one as well 😉

  5. lol brilliant Michael, I’m glad you demonstrated how to say the word.
    I’m proud to be the featured ailurophile, I taught myself to spell it yesterday and now I can say it too 🙂
    I can just imagine saying to a friend ‘Oh I’ve been an ailurophile for over 60 years now lol they might think it’s some sort of sect I belong to lol

    • LOL. I don’t know many know this word but it’s not many. We are in a special group. It was a bit of a fun with a little bit of learning (for me!).


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