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Saying “Ailurophile” (and origin) — 16 Comments

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  2. Now why on earth would “Woody” allow someone’s cat to sit in his lap and even scratch its ears if he was afraid of cats? Lie much?

    • So why does he want cats dead if he supposedly loves them?Someone who loves cats doesn’t shoot them.
      Allow a cat to sit on his lap,is the cat supposed to be priveleged to be allowed,are we supposed to be impressed?

    • You miss the point again. He doesn’t just fear them but he hates them because he shoots them by the hundreds and thousands, he claims. Only a cat hater could do that.

  3. Education 🙂 It’s all wonderful and gives us something to smile about! I say lets now be known as ailurophile’s 🙂

  4. I love being an ailurophile now I know what it means roflol I thought it was something rude as well Barbara and yes you are a one too,you and your sister are ailurophiles.com if ever anyone was you two are.

    • I like that Rose, Ailurphiles.com.

      Piles and hammyrods I am not so keen on :-)I remember the treatment for those narsty things being requested in a sibilant whisper a few times during my pharmacy assistant days, and it’s amazing how many folks can’t pronounce suppositories.

  5. Ailurophile, what a wonderful word, I vaguely knew of it but would never have spelled it or pronounced it correctly and now I find I have a sister who is a famous ailurophile, sounds a bit rude haha, I think it’s the “phile” that makes it so. So now she will have to say “Hello, my name is Ruth and I’m one of the world’s best known ailurophiles” what a lovely accolade and well deserved. I think maybe I’m a bit of a one as well 😉

  6. lol brilliant Michael, I’m glad you demonstrated how to say the word.
    I’m proud to be the featured ailurophile, I taught myself to spell it yesterday and now I can say it too 🙂
    I can just imagine saying to a friend ‘Oh I’ve been an ailurophile for over 60 years now lol they might think it’s some sort of sect I belong to lol

    • LOL. I don’t know many know this word but it’s not many. We are in a special group. It was a bit of a fun with a little bit of learning (for me!).

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