Scottish Fold Cat Facts For Kids

Scottish Fold Cat Facts For Kids

Photos copyright Helmi Flick. Map: Wikimedia Commons.

This page is for kids. It is deliberately very easy to read. The main points are in the picture. This is a normal looking cat with flat ears. That is about it except for the health problems. You can read about the health problems here – the page is written for parents, sorry.

Note: this page is deliberately without many words to see if Google finds it as well as a page with lots of words.

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Scottish Fold Cat Facts For Kids — 5 Comments

  1. How ironic that a breed which originated in the UK is not recognised by the GCCF, the UK’s premier cat registry. Mind you, I do support their current stance on discouraging breeds whose “trait” is based on a deformity. I just wish they’d thought like that decades ago before allowing certain breeds of cat to become so “over-typed” as to be unrecognisable compared to the previous standards for the same breed.

    • Well said Michele. My gut feeling is that the GCCF are less into extreme breeding than the CFA and TICA but their registered cats can still be fairly extreme. The Manx and Scottish Fold shouldn’t really be cat breeds if you were genuinely thinking about health as a priority. This come to mind. There are others.

    • Thanks Ruth. These kids pages do well with Google. They help to keep PoC alive. There is a lot of competition and a lot of people steal stuff from PoC and get away with it.

      • Well that shows how good PoC is if people are stealing from it, but it’s not good they get away with it because you put a lot of work and thought into your articles!

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