Sealy’s Treatment Using Silver Biotics And Raw Honey

Treating Sealy with Silver Biotics – Photo Elisa Black-Taylor
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Sealy’s treatment using Silver Biotics® and raw honey is going well. For those of you who haven’t been following the story of Sealy, I’ve listed all the links at the end of this article.

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Sealy has now had two operations to close his open wound caused by the car fan blade accident back in February. Unfortunately, the stitches pulled open both times due to the location of the injury. I’m not going to put him through another operation.

Sealy’s most recent visit to the vet was a little over a week ago to have his stitches (what was left of them) removed. He has made progress, as we’re dealing with a much smaller open wound than before. Sealy had a bit of infection on the wound and was put on a very powerful antibiotic called ClindaCure. It’s only for very short term use and he literally gagged and threw up almost every time we gave it to him. I was so glad when it ran out! This was the fourth antibiotic he’s been on since his rescue in late February.

It’s rare I recommend a product by name. Silver Biotics® is a patented silver product made by American Biotech Labs. I recommend using this brand as it’s the proper strength to treat a pet and is patented.  Colloidal silver is based on a parts per million mixture and many brands are much too strong, especially for small pets. I’m not going to give exact dosages for a pet, as this will differ depending on what’s being treated and the weight of the pet.

Silver Biotics® has been shown to kill bacterial, viral and fungal infections. It also treats parasites. I didn’t realize this until I researched the product for this article. Here’s a good link telling all it treats.

We’re using Silver Biotics® in a spray bottle to treat Sealys open wound. You have to furnish your own bottle for this, but they’re available at a good price at most dollar stores. Just spray it on the wound several times a day.

Sealy is also using a raw honey poultice to treat his open wound. The vet stressed the bandage be changed several times a day to prevent infection. We only use the bandage at night since an open wound heals best exposed to air. I cut a strip of soft fabric about a foot long and two inches wide. This secures the raw honey gauze pad to his head and is comfortable enough so he doesn’t try to scratch it off.

Raw honey has been used for centuries and is often overlooked as a treatment since drug companies are out to make all the money they can off of us. Be sure to buy it “raw” so all the enzymes and minerals are still intact.

I’ve also mixed up an oral medication for Sealy using the raw honey and SilverBiotics. I mix two parts honey to one part Silver Biotics®. He gets a dose of this in a syringe. We use a regular size syringe filled to the half way mark. He can get this two times a day if needed.

Sealy doesn’t mind taking this and doesn’t try to spit it back at us. I’m happy to report the infection is still gone off of his open wound, so we believe this treatment is very effective.

Here’s a link for those of you who would like to read up on SilverBiotics and its uses. We used it as an eye wash for several kittens last summer and had good results for mild infections. I can tell you from experience it stops the itch from an insect bite in under a minute. The best price I’ve found on it is at I paid around $24 for 16 ounces. The GNC(General Nutrition Center) has it, but you only get an 8 ounce bottle for the same price. also has it at a reasonable price.

Raw honey is reported to ease pain within 24 hours after application. We’re using it not only for pain and infection, but because it looses up the scabs on the wound. They usually come off on the gauze pad. Many produce markets and most health food stores carry it at a decent price. I paid $10 for a quart at a produce market.

As far as side effects go, well, we now have an overly energized cat! Sealy has really perked up in the week since the nasty antibiotics were replaced with the honey/SilverBiotics mix. Last night he even showed us he knows how to play!

We don’t have a set timetable for using these two products. Sealy still has a long way to go in healing his wound. I do feel better treating him with natural products than with drugs so nasty he feels the need to vomit.

We refuse to give up on our little guy. We promised him on the day of his rescue that we’d protect and love him. He’s such a lap kitty now!

We plan to begin treatment on Lucy and Pippa for their allergies since l-lysine has done nothing to help. I’ll let everyone know how that works out in a future article.

Have any of you ever used either of these products? I hope you’ll check out the website listed on the Silver Biotics® and do your own research on the raw honey. I feel we’re doing what’s best for our little Sealy.

I would like for all of the readers here to do me a favor. Since the website is in major overhaul (a Royal mess, as I put it), can you please send the link to this article to friends with pets or who have health issues themselves? I feel a lot of people can benefit from this treatment.

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4 thoughts on “Sealy’s Treatment Using Silver Biotics And Raw Honey”

  1. The vets I worked for would never attempt to stitch an infected open wound, they would paint it with gentian violet which stopped the cat licking at it and the wound eventually healed up too as it is antibacterial and antifungal.
    In fact those days we painted all operation wounds too with it, instead of inflicting those awful elizabethan collars on animals and as far as I know it had no ill effects,
    Sometimes old fashioned remedies are by far the best!

  2. Its at the size now we plan to test letting the scab form. If it gets infection underneath the vet can treat it with something stronger or clean it up. It was really to big before now to allow it to heal on its own.

  3. Hi Elisa. Not sure the site is that much of a mess. Actually some parts are a lot better. For example the picture gallery of your photos which can be clicked to see the originals.

    And by the way, I love your photos, particularly the one of Sealy peering through the bottles of Silver Biotics. Great pic.

    You have your own category (nav bar on the right “categories” so people can find your stuff – give me time to put the pages under that category though!).

    Love what you are doing for Sealy. I think his playful nature now is because he feels better being off the drugs. Just a guess.

    My personal opinion is that the scab should be allowed to form. This is nature’s way of protecting the wound and allowing it to heal. Will you let the scab form? I know that at one time you were peeling it off and I didn’t like that 🙂 despite being the advice given by your vet.

    Well done Elisa. Please keep at it! As to Facebook, in due course all posts will automatically feed to Facebook. I am setting that up – when I get some time.


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