Second Floor Apartment Outdoor Cat

This is an outdoor cat that lives on the second or first floor of a block of apartments. Together, the cat’s owner and his cat have found a neat and imaginative solution that allows the cat to go outside and enjoy nature: the cat elevator.

I love this sort of thing because it shows a clever adaptation to make the best of what one has and it shows a beautiful trust between cat and human. This has got to be a close relationship.

It appears to be in France because the man asks in French, “Do you want to come up?” “Tu vas monter?” I think I have that correct. The cat says “yes” and the man lowers the elevator.

I remember a post Elisa wrote years ago about indoor/outdoor cats living many floor above the ground. The owners built some intricate steps and ladders etc to allow their cats access to the ground and nature.

This is the page.

My thanks to dw in Calif. for showing me the video.

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  1. These videos are brilliant, I’ve loved watching them and so has Walter sitting beside me (he has the computer chair, me a kitchen chair) I love the way the cats so confidently climb in and wait for a lift and I love those people who’ve earned such trust from their cats.

  2. I love that! What a clever invention and what a wonderful trust the cat has in his man!
    I’ve often wished I could open my bedroom window and let Jozef and Walter out that way when they want to go out at the crack of dawn instead of one of us having to get up, that chap should patent that invention lol
    He could fit a sort of bell to ring for ‘I want to come back up’ lol

        • Me too – they all wake me up after about 2 hours of sleep, and then through the night after that first time they take turns waking me up every hour or so. Sometimes if I decide to sleep in beyond 5am then I get all 3 of them making sure I’m up at 6am latest.

          So my nights are divided into short blocks of sleep. 🙂

        • In the morning it’s for food but in the night it’s for play. Lilly often drags a wand toy partially onto my face. Gigi brings me toys and asks for biscuits and Molly usually comes once on her own in the middle of the night for a couple biscuits.

          I don’t want to leave them a huge pile of biscuits though because they will just eat it and wake me for more anyway. I limit the biscuits to only when I am home and only a small handful each per day split into little bits.

  3. I saw this – it’s excellent – thanks Dorothy 🙂

    I also saw another one where there is an automated elevator for the cat. The cat just walks in and it automatically goes up, or down depending where it is.


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